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for Tailed Beast in Fiore

11/1/2016 c4 Sparxthehedgehog
Awww, it's like an agsty naruto! Little kurama is hilarious, and I hope to se more from this story
11/1/2016 c4 8prototype gear
"He looked towards the bar and saw the cock, showing that it was five o clock."

We can measure time just by looking at our dicks? *zip*
11/1/2016 c4 2VargasREborn
Disclaimer: This review is not a flame, if you take offense then it's not my problem

So I do like your fic, the idea of it at least. The dialogue can be a bit clunky though. Most people prefer to use "didn't" instead of "did not" when speaking. Take note of the ways characters (in canon) talk so that you could create a stronger dialogue and make it feel like we're reading about the character (ie: in a Naruto fic don't make Shikamaru motivated from the beginning) Also your grammar could use some work. You suffer from the many ways of saying "their/there/they're" As so many writers do. It's best to use this little trick (not a trick, just a tool) when writing. When you use there, ask yourself if you're talking about a place (ie: The money's over there). When using their, ask yourself if you're talking about possessions (ie: Their plan was ruined) and finally if you're using they're, ask yourself if it's a "they are" statement (ie: They're here!)

I'm not trying to insult your story. The concept is interesting, though you need to work on the dialogue. I can understand Kurama being more mature than he should be, just a little, because he was raised by Porlyuscia. But Cana should still talk like a kid.

Anyway good luck and all that good shit. Also the disclaimer I put is something I use on every review I leave where I'm being critical of someone's writing... People get offended easily (not saying you do, just some people do).
10/31/2016 c4 Elda-Shirakiin
Wow, what a great chapter. Hope that Kurama finds her (her name is too difficult to write) in time if she's in trouble. Thank you for writing author-san :3
10/31/2016 c4 8Quathis
Very excellent showing of how he's growing up. Some of the old hate for humanity shows up, cause honestly, it isn't that hard to find a reason to hate humans. The negative emotion sensing would also add to that. Cana's reaction was hilarious and should help him start branching out more. For all his woodland maturity, he's still a ten year old brat with plenty of growing up to do. Wonderful read. Until next time.
10/31/2016 c4 2Vulkhanos
Good story, i hope u keep updating, also Cana has purple eyes i think
10/31/2016 c4 8CRUDEN
Will kurama have nine tails once he gets older?
Will Kurama be paired with Cana? There isn't many stories with cana as a pairing
6/20/2016 c3 5Rune Saint
I hope Kurama yells that he hates humans at some point. Have you decided what Magic Kurama will be using?
6/20/2016 c1 Rune Saint
Oh, this looks interesting.
6/12/2016 c3 Sambo-Doskoi
What was the title name of that other story about Porlyusca being a guardian?
6/12/2016 c3 frozem1
I loved this chapter! I liked the idea of staying with kurama Porlyusica! It will be very interesting! Very good chapter! Looking forward to the next chapter!

ps: using google translator to comment!
6/11/2016 c3 2VargasREborn
Interesting... Anyway just wondering if you're going to make like 10 chapters of Kurama's infancy and childhood. It's cool if you do... just that I'm not to into reading about taking care of a baby. Maybe like one more chapter of prologue before getting to childhood and training? You gave a pretty good summary that promised epic fights so I can't wait.
6/11/2016 c1 VargasREborn
You sir have my attention
6/11/2016 c3 10ultima-owner
that was an amusing reaction
6/11/2016 c3 Guest
Did Kurama just burp out a Tailed Beast Bomb!?

What about your "The Cursed Human" story!? Also, will Kurama be paired with any of the known Fairy Tail Girls in this story!?
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