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for Tailed Beast in Fiore

6/11/2016 c1 FT fanboy
if youre having kurama paired with someone can it be lucy plz
6/10/2016 c3 Guest
Did Kurama just burp out a Tailed Beast Bomb!?
6/11/2016 c3 8Quathis
This should be interesting. Kurama raised by Porlyusica would make a funny and likely violent future relationship. Until next time.
6/11/2016 c3 2DannyPhantom619
Can't wait until Tartaros gets their ASSES BEAT!

Also cool that Porlyusica is Kurama's New Mother.
6/11/2016 c3 Slimjim77
Both funny and cool! Loved how Porlyusica adopted Kurama. Nice touch!
6/10/2016 c3 2grifman275
Oh, wait until he grows 8 more tail (assuming the he gets them). Porlyusica is in for quite the surprise.

Can't wait for more.
1/8/2016 c1 2Angryboy13
1/6/2016 c2 GUes
Lame I came here thinking that it would be a Tailed Beast not a human fanfic
1/5/2016 c2 frozem1
now that I notice WHAT they will do with the body of his mother (kurama) ... these demons the only thing that go and get annoy a being that tar on a level beyond the understanding of them ... and I think other bijuus They should appear in this fanfic why each bijuu in my opinion each presisa of a new beginning ... the last of each and horrible ... mainly shukaku ... already in the anime (manga) he loved killing so for fun ... well I'm only talking about one OPINION!
1/5/2016 c2 Guest
What about your "The Cursed Human" story!?
1/6/2016 c2 1Mr.DeadSmile
sad but happy
1/6/2016 c2 26JensenDaniels32
Great, so no Tailed Beast. I'm outta here
1/5/2016 c2 Stratos263
Dam those bastards
1/5/2016 c2 frozem1
very good chapter! this scene this end fox reminds me of the legends of ancient rome ... I loved the chapter!
1/5/2016 c2 8prototype gear
Well...our favorite force of naruto had a badass of a mother...think she had Viking blood?

That was certainly interesting. Question, will the other biju make an appearance? Not as in actually coming to fiore, but like in flashbacks and such? You have free rein to do a lot of stuff ya know? Your going to be building kurama up as a person. I look forward to how he develops.
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