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for All That Glitters

4/6/2016 c6 30cab4five
AH man a cliffhanger! As always I loved it Rachel's song was perfect please update asap:)
4/6/2016 c6 noro
fantastic so can't wait for more update asap nice work
4/6/2016 c6 14khazrn43
Oh gods you and Carol are killing me leabp I got off right at the good part. Finchel,sex was hot. Poor Finn. Rachel needs to get Mason out of our lives quick like in a hurry!
Until next time
Honor the tether! Remember the drummer
4/6/2016 c6 vickstick
Love it can't wait for more
3/25/2016 c5 playtime2507
I just love how you write the connection between Finn and Rachel! And I LOVED the Burt/Finn talk, I really wished they would have shown that relationship more on Glee, especially knowing how much Finn missed that father figure. You did an amazing job with them. Thank you! I'm also anxious to see how Rachel behaves when she back with her finance and how quickly he might pick up what's going on. Great job!
3/22/2016 c5 Amypilierfan123
aww what an amazing update can Mason just go away :P the finchel feels are strong with this story :P poor Rachel though with fighting between to guys but i know she will choose Finn :P

*Waits for chap 6*
3/22/2016 c5 algold29
Amazing chapter. Please, please hurry and post the next chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next!
3/17/2016 c5 guest
So good. Loved the Finn/Burt interaction. (Glee missed out big time not doing more with the 2 of them together.) The Script song was perfect. Would have loved to hear Cory sing that.
3/17/2016 c5 Guest
I was so happy to see an update. Great chapter as always,can't wait to next update
3/17/2016 c5 Guest
Can't wait to see what happens next. Update soon please!
3/18/2016 c5 Kedzie3238
I am so glad Finn told Rachel the truth after Burt gave him his wonderful advice. Mason will probably be able to tell something is going on with her when he picks her up. That good bye is going to be tough. Wonderful update!
3/15/2016 c4 Guest
Miss this story. Hope your still writing it cause it so good
3/17/2016 c5 khazrn43
Finnsexy no matter what he's doing. I'm glad Burt kick that stubborn mule in the ass and he didn't let her leave without telling her. Beautiful as always. Hope your family is well...
Honor the tether! Remember the drummer!
3/17/2016 c5 noro
hope Rachel chooses finn you so have to update asap great writing finchel always
3/17/2016 c5 vickstick
Love it can't wait for more
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