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for And so the Soviets Conquered

9/19 c18 jaalco
wow this story is really good, i wonder when the next update will b-FUCK
5/28 c18 Apollo117mc
please bro, this so good dont let it die :((
5/1 c11 5CrimsonDivision
Stupid princess is in a hell of a suprise when she realizes the so-called "Humanitarians" wanted to the same thing as the Soviets too. But instead of complete takeover, they're setting a puppet nation.
3/21 c1 2DaolordBlackheart
3/19 c1 john
3/17 c18 Iris Laylah
Been a year, but I'm still looking forward to the next one. I'm still hoping you aren't dead.
3/17 c17 Iris Laylah
Priceless story you're building. I'm half inclined to animate it, truly. We'll keep waiting for #19. Also, correction to one of my previous comments, Chapter 2. The site was called "mangapill." It's a community page, so you'll have to add the ".com" afterwards to get to the site. There's also the "coloredmanga" community page. I forgot that FanFiction has an anti-spam that removes links not from the site or domain. Anyways, keep this up, please.
3/17 c16 Iris Laylah
3/17 c14 Iris Laylah
I'm at a loss for words. Every flight sim I've run flashed before my very eyes in lines of text.
3/17 c13 Iris Laylah
There's a '/' in "grow" near the end, "her" has turned to "for," and there's a ton of other spelling and grammatical mistakes. But, aside from that, I like how you're fleshing out the characters, building the plot, and adding a filler all at once. And, oh, it's seamless. Can't wait for a 19.
3/17 c10 Iris Laylah
Ex-Queen Tyuule V.S. General Alexandrov! This'll be the battle of the decade! ... Fight!
3/16 c9 Iris Laylah
I like what you're doing thus far. But, you haven't strayed far enough from the main plot for ease of satisfaction. I'm still looking forward to seeing what you'll do next.
3/16 c8 Iris Laylah
PTSD is one hell of a thing.
3/16 c7 Iris Laylah
I'm getting my high of Century: Age of Ashes. Good game. 5/5. Would recommend.
3/16 c3 Iris Laylah
On that "unrelated note," I prefer the Soviets' simplicity, efficiency, dexterity, and durability over American overcomplication. The Vietnam AK-47 V.S. M16 argument, if you will. A four-piece, long-stroke gas-operated firing mechanism hidden under a discardable steel dust cover V.S. a poor mimic of a straight-line gas-op mechanism consisting of 13 individual pieces that can only be cleaned and used when they're set up in a very specific way? A 5.4 kilogram amalgamation of steel and hardwood V.S. a 3.6 kilogram Chimera of aluminum and plastic? Bullet/muzzle velocity V.S. recoil control?
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