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2/6/2022 c1 KittAnn
please make a sequel for this story. it is lovely.
7/14/2020 c1 WhiteWitch157
I love this one! I read a lot of fanfics where Harry is boring, and I love that you made him sassy and hilarious. I love all your fanfics, so thanks for gracing us with your talent! ;)
12/6/2018 c1 Whit96
9/30/2018 c1 sunshine.katz
Loved the code names!
4/6/2018 c1 Kelsey441
Not it! That moment was hysterical.
11/21/2017 c1 lsdlv
I laughed so much! Thanks
11/19/2017 c1 ScienceMama
This was too funny! I cackled out loud at Draco guessing that Ron was Dopey and Harry was Doc. :)
7/19/2017 c1 Zaphyro azul
BRILLIANT! So hilarious, Malfoy's wett dreams, Ron's panic, Harry's retirement of save-the-magic-world bussines, Dumbledor's code name
7/9/2017 c1 54Kyonomiko
Omg I just reviewed this on the wrong story lol... ok off to read the other Christmas story which I'm sure will be just darling as well
9/18/2016 c1 Guest
Couldn't stop laughing :)
4/24/2016 c1 Guest
Ha, ha. Man, this was hilarious!
4/22/2016 c1 quadjot
I could read your stories all day. Oh wait, I have!
3/21/2016 c1 spotterhead13
Made me laugh the whole time! Love it :)
12/31/2015 c1 2ladybear92
hahah hilarious... my husband gave me funny look when i keep giggling...
12/28/2015 c1 606articcat621
Hahah, I loved this! Read it on AO3 and just had to read it again here. Nicely done! xx
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