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for Tales of a single mother

2/4/2021 c3 JustinOtherFictionFan
Am I the only one who was cheering for the mom, Layla, to win?
2/3/2021 c2 JustinOtherFictionFan
That was incredible! I was wondering if they were ever going to get to the back door and here they did it with style and volume in top of her desk )
2/3/2021 c1 JustinOtherFictionFan
Okay, I'll be honest. I had no idea who his prior girlfriend was. That was some of the best mature woman lemon I have ever read.
2/27/2020 c4 Guest
Update please
Pet Boy of Fairy Hills
Tales of the Fire Dragon
2/25/2020 c4 Guest
Pet Boy of Fairy Hills
Wendy and Chelia
2/24/2020 c4 naruto
great chapter keep it up
2/19/2020 c4 Guest
Update Pet Boy of Fairy Hills please
Lucy levy aries virgo aquaries
1/15/2020 c4 AcidESP
It's a good story, I hope to read more like that, great, greetings, see you, bye!
12/27/2019 c4 33Imperial-samaB
Wonderful way to end it
12/25/2019 c4 40Kowaba
Man, reading this takes me back to the day I first asked you to fulfill this story for me. I was an idiot that thought my days were numbered! Ha! But I like the direction you took this story. I’m also glad they finally got an epilogue and a final chapter to end the story. Merry Christmas dude, this one was a blast!
12/25/2019 c4 4FanFictionHunter

Gotta love seeing the blonde bombshell Milf get some attention.

Somewhat sad to hear Natsu apparently stopped tapping Lucy, but that might just be because you mentioning the ladies of the Heartfilla family being well endowed and my mind imagining the family line of blonde busty beauties.

Merry Christmas!
12/25/2019 c4 53Natsu is Awesome
Great chapter, glad you trusted me enough to beta for you and thanks a million for the shout out! Can't wait to see what you'll create next, I'm sure it'll be just as fantastic as this one.
12/25/2019 c4 2te.nellis
Fantastic! Merry Christmas!
12/25/2019 c1 Guest
3/2/2019 c3 Gamma-X
Epilogue! Epilogue! Epilogue! Epilogue! Epilogue! We need an epilogue! C'mon! :D
Frickin' loved this! It was great! Also, the correct term for a singular noun is "woman," not "women." Women is a plural. Meaning, at a minimum, 2 females.
Woman is a singular. Meaning, at a maximum, 1 female.
Layla is so much better than Lucy for sure! :D
Epilogue! Epilogue! Epilogue! Epilogue! Epilogue! We need an epilogue! C'mon!
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