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10/23 c3 Dances with Willows
The concept of the was amazing.
10/14 c2 21themirrorminder.372259
10/14 c1 themirrorminder.372259
oh how absolutely exciting! LOVE this concept!
10/1 c1 jacksonza01
This is absolutely brilliant.
8/11 c3 Guest
Well thought out and brilliantly written work.

To those who follow politics as a spectator’s sport it has always been obvious the Muggleborns were a tool for both sides.

Liked this story very much.
7/16 c3 3Arrion
Original story, I like it.
7/10 c2 2Rose00
Wow this is captivating! I really wasn’t sure with the summary.. but the reviews lead me to read and they had reason! I’ve got slight chills and can’t wait to consume it all
5/16 c3 Mrs.HermioneEdwardCullen
Nice different change of story
5/5 c3 Theaisa
Damn. When I read the premise, I kept skipping this.. time and time again. Now that I've read it? I could read three hundred thousand words of this story fleshed out and never get enough.

You are a genius.
4/23 c3 1Animekitty47
Love this twisted mirror of a tale. It was awesome, who knew evil!Hermione could be so much fun?
4/23 c2 Animekitty47
This story is awesome! Shame it's so short.
4/18 c3 RisenSnake2020
Make More pls, and stop with the wierd time travle Shit
4/18 c3 applelam145
Loved this
4/16 c3 2flyfree1031
This is honestly my favorite thing I’ve ever read. I’ve reread it 4 or 5 times already and I know I’ll probably continue to come back to it. It’s just so beautiful.
3/24 c3 Guest
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