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3/26/2020 c12 1Mystic Moon Flower
aww... please update i want to see how legolas sees her when he grows up and i'm curious how thranduil or her would fall in love with each other. They have too much history bro they loved the same woman.
12/31/2019 c12 Kalniczanka
Oh wow, long time no see! I'm glad that you updated your story:)
12/31/2019 c12 Wolfy553
Omg omg omg you updated I’m so happy I’m crying. I love this fic so much! 3
1/25/2019 c11 alexc123
I really like this story, i cant wait to see more of it
1/18/2019 c11 tatipi2262
Update Plz
11/3/2018 c10 8Snickering Fox
this... still a dozen thousands year before the canon, huh?
preeetty sure Legolas' mother is dead. So. Fandas?
11/3/2018 c9 Snickering Fox
now... that I think about it. Dabria is like dinosaurs, right? and Undertaker is like the first microorganisms. their age that is.
11/3/2018 c8 Snickering Fox
Oh my...
...well you had it coming, though.
11/3/2018 c6 Snickering Fox
okay honestly this pairing surprised me. Is she really love the elf, or love the pure innocence that still shine within those eyes?
11/3/2018 c5 Snickering Fox
So... Gandalf once saw that bloodlust in advance?
and that primal instinct, of course bc she IS a shinigami. every creatures fears death. and shinigami IS a harbinger of death. literallg Judge them with the scythe, right?
11/3/2018 c4 Snickering Fox
Claude, huh. Claude...
yeah that cunt bastard. He didn't die? Ugh. I sure hope it.
I don't hate spider bc even when they have that grotesque and shivering appearances, as long as they don't disturbed, they are a gentle creatures. But I hate the myths about spider beings. Like jorogumo character in xxxholic, or other franchise, and now spider demon... UUUUUGH
11/3/2018 c3 Snickering Fox
wait wait
you repeatedly said about war. But who vs who? Is that only shinigami vs demon? Or it was battle royale shingami vs demon vs human vs angel? bc I'm pretty sure an angel orchestrated the great fire in london... and kuroshitsuji had a tendency to make a demon as black hero and angel as white villain. but shinigami has deep hatred towards demon as a whole...
11/3/2018 c2 Snickering Fox
hnnnng as expected, this crossover is good
I imagine this crossover long ago, but then there's not even one story. I want Sebastian in middle earth and bamboozled them with his 'one hell of a butler' act. But this one, about shinigami, is as good too!
but hey, where Grell and Undertaker? I mean, are they even in the land? Or they in 'higher' lands?
11/3/2018 c1 Snickering Fox
the premise is good
but srsly
uNdertaker as Eru?
my first thought: what the fuck
but... I can sort of see it.
and they're retired. How? they didn't have 'boss'? The Death, maybe? I still in circus arc for Kuroshitsuji but pretty sure the reaper have some sort of 'office'. And, are they just killing people for their soul record? or i just mistaken them as shinigami bleach?
9/9/2018 c10 Kalniczanka
I like your story :) Honestly i thrilled when I find a story where the main character is simply badass, but not Mary Sue xD
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