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for Blaise Zabini and the Difficulty of Existing

7/29 c1 Guest
"Draco Malfoy is a pussy ass bitch" I am dead
7/28 c1 1hpfan addict
That was AWESOME! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Sorry, I didn't mean to raise my voice, but –yay! I loved that! Thank you,-cheers!;-)
7/26 c1 NazaraZero
Poor Blaise lmao
7/24 c1 Guest
I love this so much omg
3/20 c1 Guest
12/20/2022 c1 kerrmit
This story made me cackle lol. I love Blaise
12/9/2022 c1 Guest
10/5/2022 c1 Guest
That one annoying but still your totally idiot best friend who won't stop going on and on about their crush... and it's even worse for Blaise that Draco doesn't even realise his feelings... Being Blaise Zabini is really hard...
9/17/2022 c1 drelzvitz4403
I loved it, very well written! Thank you for this!
7/8/2022 c1 Guest
Love this one-shot so much!
6/25/2022 c1 nastya.sobova2005
Hello! I really liked your work, which I would very much like to get permission to translate into Ukrainian) Of course, with reference to the original!
6/19/2022 c1 Inna Konovalova
Nice one. That was extremely funny to read! Thanks for this small treasure )))
6/1/2022 c1 Zed23
kekekekke. poor Blaise
4/7/2022 c1 Guest
lolol such a cute oneshot! thx for writing it!
3/10/2022 c1 16Velourya
Thank you very much for this story, a balm among so many sad stories.
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