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for The Christmas after the year preceding

1/2/2016 c1 5Wednesdaycried
This is amazing. Love it.
12/31/2015 c1 49slenderpanda2
This was wonderful. I love how the views are all portrayed, and I think that it fits so well with all the various relationships. You even managed to give Roxy a valid voice which can be sympathised with to an extent (you've still got her selfish nature down perfectly). Thanks for this fic, it was well worth the waiting for!
12/30/2015 c1 13Macarons and Muffins
Ahhhh, I loved this. I'm so glad you left the Adrian and Irenee part until last, because it was almost uplifting compared to the other parts- not that I disliked them at all, of course, but just because they were quite sad and that part was a lot happier. Poor Connie, stuck with man-child Billy for Christmas, throwing tantrums left, right and centre. Poor Martina, stuck with Shifty at Christmas- need I say any more? And poor, poor, Roxy, totally oblivious to the fact that she is an utterly selfish bitch. Honestly, she's jealous of her own son? Seriously? Ugh.
But I love how despite their differences in personality, Adrian and Irenee really do understand each other, and managed to enjoy Christmas Day and make Nellie feel better.
As usual, your writing is amazing and I really loved this!
12/30/2015 c1 9Poppinbottlesintheice
Brilliant. Love it, especially the way you've dealt with the fallout from the final episode.

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