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for Unexpected Fate

9/21/2016 c7 Guest
The story is amazing can't wait anymore..ssssoooo plz plz plz next chapter sooooon...I really want to know whats next..
9/17/2016 c7 krystal gallego
i really like the story _ i love it very much.. _ i cant wait to update the next chapter #idol _
9/12/2016 c7 i love
Amazingb pls maje more!
9/12/2016 c3 emma
Omg awsome. Love it
9/8/2016 c7 4AyameFT
Plz keep going! I'm really loving it!
9/4/2016 c7 Guest
For the business trip maybe Natsu can see Lucy in a more natural way if u know what I mean ;) ;3 XD
9/4/2016 c7 Guest
I really hope it turns out that natsu and Lucy share a bed lol they could be sharing and there like we wanted twin beds not a double and the keeper of the hotel is like "okay have a mice day now" because she doesn't speak English and then one night Lucy I's in the shower and natsu was tired so he thought he turned it on so he gets in and Lucy and natsu are In the shower together and its a small shower so there really close to each over lol I hope u decide to do my suggestion
8/31/2016 c1 Shipperofnalu
This is the best can't wait for chapter 8 pls update
8/27/2016 c7 NaLuLover
Please update!
8/25/2016 c7 Guest
Omg this is the one of the best NALU fanfics ic ever red PLS keep wrihhting this story makes me soooo happy
8/24/2016 c7 Kat
Please update soon! I am LOVING your story! It's good! Yours is definitely one of the better nalus I have read. I really admire your work and hope to write myself one day :)
8/19/2016 c7 NaLuLover
Im so impatient! Can you please write the next chapter?
8/18/2016 c7 NaLuLover
Please write another chapter FAST. This is way too addictive and Im expecting NaLuness during the business trip.
8/17/2016 c3 Guest
It really good so far keep at it!
8/15/2016 c7 Ashley
please try to update faster this story is very interesting but if you could whenever you upload try to upload more than one chapter
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