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for Unexpected Fate

8/12/2016 c7 Lizzy99920
OMG omg omg omg OMG I have been waiting sooooo long for this. Loving the chapter. Can't wait for the mega NaLu moments to come 3
8/12/2016 c7 Guest
Yes another chapter! I loved it!
8/11/2016 c7 Guest
More NICE nalu moments
8/11/2016 c7 Guest
It's a bit hard to tell who's point of view is being displayed, I would recommend that you add whose p.o.v is being read when you line break
8/12/2016 c7 12fairytailNL
OMG it's so good and perfect that i can't even say anything more very much excited for this trip now. for the whole chapter i was squealing and smiling. Elieen personality suits her, Gray is best :* since the whole story is going in Lucy's pov add some more Natsu's pov does he hate himself for his coldness towards lucy or he hates his closeness to her :P
8/11/2016 c7 38Grizzly98
where are you going with this story? i understand the nalu but does he have to be so cold and heartless? oh btw nice job with loki and gray.
8/6/2016 c6 Guest
But u need more but...
8/6/2016 c3 SilverWolf
I really like the story but I miss the Natsu that sneaks through windows and is hit by Lucy for not knowing how he feels
8/5/2016 c6 Guest
When is the next chapter coming out? I really love Lucy's role and I want to know how natsu grows to love lucy
8/5/2016 c4 Guest
I loved it! I can't stop reading this! You have talent!
8/5/2016 c3 Mantle
8/5/2016 c3 Guest
I loved it! It's written like it's an actual book
8/4/2016 c6 5 stars
This is a really amazing series so far its gets more exiting each chapter I give it 5 stars I cant wait for chapter 7
8/2/2016 c6 fandomstar xd
i have a little plot twist for your story if you need ideas, when being summoned by natsu to work out with him in the gym you could bring lucy's past into the story from the letters she writes to her late mother, that way it could bring ants and lucy closer for they will both have a family tragedy they can relate too. the scene could start out as her carrying around a diary wherever she goes which in which she confides in and writes all the day's drama in thats is directed to her mom. also during a painful session of exercising , Natsu accidentally lets slip about his family tragedy which makes him angry with himself because he never confided in anyone until now, and when Lucy attempts to comfort him he yells mean things and she storms of infuriated and hurt. in all the drama, she forgot her diary which Natsu spots and resists the urge to read but can't help himself, he reads a few letters to her mom and discovers the ugly truth of Lucy having an arrogant, heartless and ignorant father who treated her like trash and that her mom left her all alone in pain when she died when lucy was maybe 4 or 5 years old. it then dawns on him that (judging from the childish scribbles in the early pages and the mature handwriting in the recent ones) she has been writing to a long gone mother ever since she died. Natsu feels regret, anger at and a sudden protectiveness for Lucy, he could also feel a lump in his throat at the sadness of the situation. he knows he has to return the diary, while walking back home during the night, with it since work hours are over he stops by at the lake and sits on the bank where he usually comes to be alone and think. he knows that he is looked upon as an arrogant, good looking and strict guy but deep down its only because of his past and he's funny, active, sincere and caring, he just doesn't show it for fear of being hurt. as he looks across the smooth, glass-like surface of the water, a soft breeze ruffles his silky hair in the autumn weather he looks across and unbelievably sees Lucy walking alone on the pathway singing a soft song about lost love (ur pick) when suddenly some bad dudes come along and grab at her, eyeing her body hungrily. Natsu bursts through his hidden area ready to fight them off but as he watches Lucy changes and she has a daunting, strong expression with a glare that could kill. one by one she beats all of the 5 guys in places where the sun doesn't shine and then says something about disgusting rats, all the while Natsu was smirking as he thinks she is stronger then she looked when she turns in the other direction and sees Natsu. for a moment or a minute or maybe an hour they stare at each other, Natsu with his famous smirk and Lucy with her signature glare. she could say "what? coming to fight them off my prince in shining armour ?" she says mockingly but for some reason, instead of replying with a sarcastic remark he replies sincerely "where ddi you learn to fight like that?" she stares and says "not that its any of your business, but i learnt it when i was a kid that i can't be dependent on people coming to save me, i have to fight to avoid the pain...to protect myself" she then realises with horror that she confessed her inward feelings of immense pain when her mother left her forever, feelings she hadn't told anyone, not even levy chat and now the most unexpected jerk Natsu was able to get it just like that. he knows this too and realises that they both confessed intense feelings that they couldn't tell anyone else. in a way it comforted both of them, lucy even relaxed a little...until she saw her diary in his clutched hand. your move ;D
8/1/2016 c6 fandomstar xd
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