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8/22/2018 c27 2jagaimo-chan
I just found this series a few days ago and I could barely put down my phone until I was done with it. I'm in love with Anna and Beth's story! I love them both, but Beth especially. You've outdone yourself creating such a deep, unique, and real character (for the lack of a better word) I only hope she'll find happiness in the fourth instalment of the series despite her having to stay in the guard.

I'm so mad at Demetri for not telling her he didn’t want her to leave. And I guess everyone for keeping that secret from her. Despite that I'm crossing my fingers that Demetri and Beth will get a happy ending. I shipped them since they kept riling each other up in TLS.

I'm curious to see how Anna's story develops as well. She fits the role as queen incredibly well and I need to see more queenish Anna in the next part! It's amazing to see that someone can keep Aro on a leash. Tehe.

Something is also telling me that immortal in Prague is going to play a major part. And Beth may become a kickass fighter! Please keep at this fantastic series. I also have to say, your writing, although great in the first book, has massively improved in the third!
Thank you so much for putting such amazing content out there!
Xx J
4/18/2018 c27 jetblack22
I love your work I can't just can't live without you omg that was awesome I hate the sorta cliffhanger but I love it also please keep writing I love you omg
3/27/2018 c26 alexc1209
Oh man, I’m excited about the last story in the Saga. Will Anna finally get to meet Nessie? And how about that idea I told you about years ago? Where Jacob snapes on all the awful things that the Volturi had done to him, Nessie, and the Cullen’s? Will Nauel be there too? Also, who is the mysterious vampire from Prague? I guess will have to find out!
3/25/2018 c25 alexc1209
Me to Demetri: Your an idiot! You better fix this ASAP!
2/11/2018 c24 alexc1209
Hazel has issues, that’s for sure, but it’s nice that the Cullen’s are designing a place where Beth would call home. Let’s hope Hazel resolves her issues, but at least Michel would be there to help her sinc we won’t be seeing the last of them.
1/16/2018 c23 jetblack22
i kinda want the brother to turn his parents so they go after beth too i think that would be cool
1/16/2018 c1 jetblack22
still faithfuly reading love you work keep going please
1/14/2018 c23 alexc1209
One things for sure, it’s obvious that Hazel is upset about Julia’s death and has gone a bit insane, at least not in the fractured mind kind of way.
11/2/2017 c22 9Love.Fiction.2022
11/1/2017 c22 alexc1209
Poor Dimetri, just admit that you like Beth and that you are miserable without her! It’s not going to kill you!
8/21/2017 c21 Love.Fiction.2022
Nice chap
8/20/2017 c21 alexc1209
Now that's emotional stuff, but at the same time, satisfying because it shows that the sisters are on good terms. I wonder what you have plan for the fourth story? Is it going to focus in on the hybrid population? That's my only thought. Either way, despite everything that went on, it's nice to know that Anna still cares about Beth.
7/23/2017 c6 lulu2613
Antoine? But Anna didn't cause his downfall. Darius did. Was Darius Julia's light?
7/23/2017 c5 lulu2613
Julia will be the one to watch
7/23/2017 c4 lulu2613
Quite an eccentric bunch.
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