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8/9 c10 1CarLost
HONESTLY! FUCK ALL THE HATERS. What you're doing right here? This is a piece of art. Please keep writing more. I can't begin to explain how happy I feel knowing that there's a proper Rey Naruto fic out there. You're awesome! I hope you're doing alright!
8/7 c10 Wrysenseofhumor
Ditto with the feelings about Star Wars.

The fandom is bitterly divided, that is true. The reason for that is, essentially, The Last Jedi.

Luke was horribly out of character. Not just slightly, but completely out of the character he showed himself to be in the original movies. Time and loss could have explained a great deal of that, but... essentially trying to commit murder? Of his NEPHEW?! Nope.

The Force Awakens was supposed to be a "reset" of the universe, hence it's similarities to A New Hope. Superweapon, new hero with a mysterious past, a supervillain lurking in the background for the next foe, the death of the heroic mentor, all of that.

The Last Jedi was supposed to expand on and explore those themes. It didn't. Just as Ren was destroying the past, Rian Johnson dedicated his film to destroying the original series(and military tactics and standards of acceptable behavior by commanding officers, what the heck was up with Holdo's idea of not telling her crew a dang thing, she deserved that mutiny!) and the original characters. He had to bring them down because he couldn't figure out any way of surpassing them or continuing Abhrams's work.

Rey's training? There was nothing.

Luke's character? Nothing.

Rey's past? Nothing until RoS.

Snoke? Nothing until RoS.

Finn and Poe's character journeys? Nothing.

Instead of explaining or expanding the plot, Johnson took the easier route of attacking what was already in place.

It was nihilism in movie format with a superpowered, for seemingly no reason, protagonist. And that split the fandom. A large portion of the fandom was horrified by the treatment of beloved characters like Luke and Han, and another portion began venomously attacking in defense of a new female lead. It became a battle of the sexes because Johnson left no plot to stand on.

And Johnson and Ridley fueled the fires by proclaiming criticism of Rey, based upon her incredible and instant powers, as being sexism instead of a valid critique.

It was tacky writing and a trashy defense.

From an objective standpoint, the sequel series is badly written. I say that from the standpoint of both the male heroes journey and the female heroes journey. By both definitions there simply isn't the plot or character development needed for a series.

Hence The Rise of Skywalker. With Snoke dead, J. J. had to come up with a deus ex mechina to close out the series; Darth Sidious returning.

And by doing that, J. J. continued the theme of "The sacrifices of the original crew mean nothing."

After all, the Empire was alive and well in the unknown regions, wasn't it?

The Sith were still going on, undefeated, only their lackeys changed.

The "new" darksiders were placeholders for the old ones. The lore behind this group and their motivations mean nothing.

The "new" Jedi(Rey) were instantly better than the "old"(Luke). Which is a direct contradiction of the original series. And anybody who critiqued that was just sexist.

So, yes, the fandom is bitterly split because the material was just badly done.

They need to come out with a Knights of the Old Republic kind of thing, an epic story to redeem the new lore, because, quite frankly, the EU is closer to the spirit of the originals and the prequels than the sequel.

Luke is in character, so is Leia, and Han.

And Jaina Solo is a relatable, flawed, heroine. Can't say that I like Jag or the Imperial Knights, but I like Jaina.

So yeah, I respect and understand your feelings. I share them.
8/6 c10 Santan Suprah
this some mf fireee, good shii bro
6/27 c2 Pimity
What the FUCK? Neonzangetsu, you've really lost your touch... Naruto, knocked out by a Rey that hasn't discovered her force sensitivity yet? You seriously nerfed Naruto so much that he can be beaten by a civilian?! Tell me what potent combination of drugs you're on, because I need them to forget this fic ever existed.
5/29 c10 dnck
it would have been better if disney just up and said they are doing a reboot or even an a u but no they butcher the star wars universe for money even though they would have made more if they did not screw with the story as much as they did because they were impatient to push a movie out ... i have been disappointed with disney for a while star wars just verified my dislike for the company so i stay away from their products and services now
5/15 c10 CosyRox
Wonderful story, you do a wonderful job of showing, not just telling if that makes any sense. I hope that checkup goes well and that it’s nothing major. Can’t wait to for the next update!
5/10 c9 Someonewhoreads
Hey, I love this story. Ignore all those idiots who comment whatever crap comes out of their mouth, they are just sad people who find joy in being an ass. Just keep writing your stories, I find them incredibly interesting and entertaining, and this is coming from someone who has read over 300 books and then some. You’re doing great. I hope you can update soon, I’m looking forward to the next chapter! :)
4/23 c10 1KitsuneDragon23yt
I love this story so far. Are you able to continue the story?
4/18 c1 Guest
You keep going as steady of as fast as you want pal, I’m new to the forum, but reading your stories has allowed my own imagination to soar, there is no limit and those who do the same thing are doomed to keep repeating, you don’t and I salute you
4/2 c10 2Nothingspecial43
In my honest opinion, we've always been divided. We as human beings can't always agree on certain matters; sometimes it small arguments, and sometimes its hands being thrown till one wins. Its always been like this, but one thing that's always constant is the new things we as humans become divided from each other. Not enough people know that being divided brings a sort of negativity aura that's been left behind; no matter if it was a good or bad idea. Its always better that we should always come together and work on our different opinions to see a hopeful end result, but its not everyday we can come to that. If it helps in anyway your a great writer, and I hope your proud of how far you make it thus far. I also hope everything goes alright with you in the proceeding future; you still have so much to give. As always, a fine chapter you have written; Naruto fits very well in the world of star wars by your hand. Often than not, alot of people who tends to follow the plot of a moviea but includes people like Naruto end up reashing it alot and make the character itself feel useless. Naruto here contributes alot of into the overarching story of star wars. See ya whenever.
3/25 c10 myafroatemydog
Pretty interesting chapter I hated how rise ended Ben should have lived he finally overcame the dark side only to die
3/25 c9 myafroatemydog
Pretty good chapter fuck the haters
3/25 c8 myafroatemydog
Pretty fantastic chapter.
3/25 c7 myafroatemydog
Pretty good chapter well written
3/25 c6 myafroatemydog
Pretty good chapter. Well done
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