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11/23/2020 c1 Guest
I have two guesses on who the masters are.
Guess one: Yuya's counter parts.
Guess two: Jaden for fusion summing, Yusei for Synchro, and Yuma for Xyz.
10/9/2018 c10 CityLover96
When Yuya obtains Genesis Omega Dragon, I hope you continue the story.

He'll have these cards:

Supreme King Z-ARC
Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon
Genesis Omega Dragon
God-Eyes Phantom Dragon
6/2/2018 c10 Guest
Don't mind me. I'm just answering to rgriffin8999 question:

4/10/2018 c3 rgriffin8999
Why not use the dubbed chant of clear wing and the dubbed name for starve venom which is starving venom
3/19/2018 c10 CityLover96
I hope you can rewrite the story, same plot, but let's have Yuya and Zuzu merged with their counterparts forever.

When the manga is completed, I want Yuya to use Genesis Omega Dragon.

That's if he obtains it.
4/5/2017 c10 6Sonicdudes2000
Hey, main I understand it can be hard when you screwed up so much.
I do have suggestion of an idea if you decide to come back and rewrite the story, you could have it that Yuya is basically Zarc right at the beginning but he hasn't quite reached that point, and over the course of the series he slowly turns to the Yuya we all know and love in the anime. but that just idea you can keep the main goal of your story and still have it work in series.
4/5/2017 c10 Junk100
So you are completely done with the story? if this is about the anime ending you shouldn't let you stop writing it this is a good idea plus it has potential to make some twists than the anime
2/21/2017 c9 Guest
This is a good story. With how all four counterparts met up and came together to work with yuya sort of reminds me of the manga. You should continue this story.
2/12/2017 c9 Ashlynd
When are you going to talk about yuya past
2/7/2017 c4 5Revamped Persona
Actually Starve Venom Fusion Dragon's effect is that when it's summoned, it gains the stack of one special summoned monster that the opponent controls for one turn. The card exists now, so you can look it up if you don't believe me.
11/24/2016 c9 Guest
Update please
5/23/2016 c8 7HunterHQ
Also remembered dark requiem and rank up magic
5/23/2016 c9 HunterHQ
Now starve venom's effect is released so look forward to next chapter.
4/26/2016 c9 1Raidwing97
changing it's level is a bit much but the others are fine, also i approve of your idea of waiting for new chapters, konami trolled us with yugo vs yuri i was thinking 'yes! we finally get to see what yuri and his dragon can do' then yuzu comes out of nowhere and warps them away which really annoyed me lol
4/3/2016 c7 1Nirvash Neo
May I recommend adding a call of the haunted or Xyz reborn to yuya's deck just in case Yuya needs/wants to summon odd eyes rebellion and Dark rebellion is in the graveyard
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