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for Nowhere to Run

12/21/2020 c40 3daniM2004
This was amazing. So good with good pacing and character development. Loved it
5/12/2020 c40 aublovesthegames
So I can’t log in to post this review since I already reviewed this when the last chapter came out oh so long ago, but my user is aubreylovesthegames! I just wanted to let you know that after, like, a year? Two?, I thought of this fic and came back to binge read it all the way through. It was even better then I remembered it being, and I literally was spending all of my free time trying to get in another chapter, or another paragraph, or even another sentence this was just SO GOOD. I thought you’d like to know what a hold your writing has on me—how amazing and incredibly well done it is. I love this more than I can say and UGH I wish I could read this for the first time over and over again!3
4/29/2020 c40 HAPPYDAY988
You’re writing has brought me to tears, thank you for this work of art
4/1/2020 c40 Serennos
This is one of the best fanfics I’ve read. Your storyline, pacing, style, use of vocabulary and grammar was superior to some published authors out there. Thank you so much.
4/1/2020 c26 Serennos
This is quality writing. Jace and Clary’s interactions are so warm and emotive...
3/31/2020 c11 Serennos
Jace and Clary’s dialogue and inner thoughts are so well thought-out. Brilliant...
3/31/2020 c2 Serennos
What a great start, intriguing...
9/15/2019 c1 NanChlo
Your writing style is wonderful. The story was interesting but the way you switched POV’s was my fave thing. Many authors on here just rewrite the same scene showing the different sides but you seamlessly incorporated both Jace and Clary’s POV throughout the story and it flowed so well. I hope you write more.
9/14/2019 c40 NanChlo
Very sweet and well written story. Was a great read, thanks for writing it
8/24/2019 c40 Doublejinxxx
Fantastic story, loved they way you kept everything at a steady and realistic pace. Your story way awesome and i really look forward to reading more of your stories in the future!
5/18/2019 c30 Anonymous
Its a very good story... Nicely written
4/1/2019 c40 Guest
Great stufff
3/19/2019 c40 kimsdixie
That is one of the most amazing stories that I have ever read on here. Great Job!
12/20/2018 c40 4SAK00
A beautiful ending to a beautiful story. I am glad you overcomed the months of hiatus, based on your author's notes, and completed this. How nice it is to enjoy a grammatically correct, well-written story of satisfying length!
9/8/2018 c40 pukutis
I loved it! Sooo good! One of the best fanfiction! Thank You
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