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for Fate - True Potential

6/10 c6 Shogun lord poke burst
5/6 c1 Guest
Your grammar is shit.
9/6/2019 c1 1MysticRising
This is pretty good. I mean your grammar sucks and dialogue is a bit stilted but overall the writing is expressive and is well written.
3/2/2019 c7 sugoijack9
More and what the heck. A Gilgamesh brat?
11/25/2018 c7 1Evening Dew
this is a lovely story i would love to see it finished but there are many spelling and grammer mistakes that made it hard to read and understand have you thought about getting a beta
7/4/2018 c2 12Esmereilda
down is shinji cuz he's a heartless jerk
12/9/2017 c2 xNaruHina
Definitely kill Shinji~
9/10/2017 c7 shadow
I liked the chapter!
8/13/2017 c1 faust79
waiting for update.
7/21/2017 c7 shadow
I liked the chapter!
4/3/2017 c1 7Crafted Reality
You seem to mistake how Reality Marbles work. Only the most distorted of individuals, with their viewpoints on the world heavily differing from normal humans could have Reality Marbles. It was stated by Rin that only 7 humans (excluding Shirou) are known to possess Reality Marbles. Angels and Demons, or the other hand possess such Magic because of the different way they view the world.

Reality Marbles are also considered as a "step below Sorcery (True Magic)" because of the fact that they work against the will of the world (Gaia).
8/2/2016 c7 Dragoneir
I think that to improve your story you should get a beta reader to go over it for things like spelling and grammar
3/2/2016 c2 1darn2k
Die Shinji!
2/28/2016 c1 Guest
Eh. You seem to be misunderstanding how reality marbles work. Every sentient creature has an internal world separate from Gaia. Everyone has a unique reality marble, materializing it is the real trick. And most orthodox mages don't use them cuz they're considered heretical (for some reason) and any magus found materializing one would end up dead, sealed, or turned into a Guinea pig. Also, Shirou has no elemental affinity towards fire.
2/25/2016 c7 3coronadomontes
buen capitulo-good chapter
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