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for GGO: Swordsman and Sniper

8/9 c9 Hades Darkstar
Yes, you should start a new story for those arcs, I love your series and I hope to see it finished.
4/5 c9 Owaen
More stories definitely!
And pls continue the Kirito X Sinon going!
1/25 c9 kept123
Thanks for the chapter
10/10/2019 c1 KirigayaShiro
pls Another One Your a great writer
8/4/2019 c9 pjtoolz14
Yes Another plz!
2/15/2019 c9 Xenon-Silent-Killer
I really like it hope you continue it
11/14/2018 c9 ShadowHybrid
Do you plan to continue this story?
9/23/2018 c9 jamesmsn885
Hey, really enjoyed the series so far. I'd love it if you continued it, especially since you said you hinted at Alicization.
6/27/2018 c9 Igneouspolecat
yes you should!
4/26/2018 c9 21C. Rinkuki Takato
Hmm as someone used to reading novels (or something close enough to a "mini-novel"), this feels really short. Humor made up for it though. There are some typos, etc. Gonna guess English isn't your first... But it's still pretty understandable, so it's a plus. Looking forward to the other stories.
4/26/2018 c1 C. Rinkuki Takato
...and I roll around in laughter. Oh Kirito Kirito...

Seriously though, that boss is annoying for it's tiny weak point (when you're trying to stand at an angle not to crane your head up too much) and it just loves firing lasers (that are hard to dodge with my current running speed) and dashing at players. The luckier ones can get away mostly unscathed, but definitely not me.

We're off to a great start, and I think I'll check the other stories too.
3/4/2017 c1 Guest
Athena is out she has been to Simon ggo sniper girl she like me in ggo Athena like Simon
Athena had no idea who that is said Athena umm hello is someone there she heard female voice say Athena is that really you my friend Said Simon Athena meet Simon
1/3/2017 c1 Guest
Sinon hit Athena head ow!shout Athena jeez you do that for Sinon yell to Athena i keep your mouth shit Sinon Athena roll her eyes want ever Said Athena turn Around she saw death gun hey Sinon. Look out for Sinon land on Athena ouch! Sinon get off me. Sinon ohh Athena i'm sorry said Sinon.
12/20/2016 c1 Guest
i. Press link. Start. i saw. Shino lay on. Her bed. i saw Sinon saw me Sinon was lay my bed i lay with Sinon look at me Si
11/20/2016 c1 Guest
i lost. Stuck. i don't. . to. Real. World. But. Suddenly a. Gun. It. . righ
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