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for Our First Winter Solstice

9/21/2016 c2 6JCBS
Super cute story! :)
9/18/2016 c1 Jedi Kes Solo
Nice little break from the fighting!
2/14/2016 c2 9NikitaKaralis
Great little fic about their first Winter Solsiice! Pretty cool when Leia's surrogate dad can get them a really sweet holiday on Han's home world and the very place they created their son and got married. Great job!
1/23/2016 c2 alpha wolfstar
I used to think, "Its pathetic how mush I love these stories!" Then I was like, "**** it, they're great!" Like this one! Sooo cute!
1/14/2016 c2 2Falfa'sGirlRubyRed
Some nice, good, old-fashioned fluff. I love stories like this! Thanks :)
1/12/2016 c2 AlwaysACop
This was so heartwarming- I especially loved Han's reflections about wanting Leia to have some semblance of a normal life, and his pride over their first baby. Very sweet, with some thoughtful points as well!
1/12/2016 c2 25Zolo77
Aww! Loved this! I know I'm late (sorry!) it's been one hell of a week!
Hehe.i love it when Leia gets to say I told you so. Makes my day!
Xox awesome as usual.
1/12/2016 c2 4DarkLeia
'magnificent naked form'...sigh! Difficult not to agree with that! My first thought reading this fic was "Its so fluffy! Like cotton candy fluffy! I a good read on a cold night.
1/11/2016 c2 MrsScruffyNerfherder
Awww, I love happy couple fluff :)
1/10/2016 c2 22knitzkampf
Ah, such a lovely night together. They deserve it!
1/10/2016 c1 42erindarroch
I love the little detail of Chewbacca taking Leia's side. I have the feeling he would do that in almost every argument... :D
1/9/2016 c2 36WalkerTRngr
1/9/2016 c1 Honeybear
"...how about an early gift..." And "...well, it is the season of giving..." Priceless
Loved their banter...
1/8/2016 c2 11ladypeter
So tender and heartwarming! Makes me wish our Christmas tree was a little more secluded :-)
1/8/2016 c2 Guest
This was cute and poignant- I melted when Han reflected that the best part of the night for him was watching Leia enjoying herself, enjoying life; *happy sigh*

he's not the self- centered smuggler anymore, like he was in the cantina in ANH, that's for sure...
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