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for For Love of Horses

10/24/2018 c1 1MakhaiArcanum
I wish Sirius could some how get free, but this is a much better story than some rubbishy about going to school. It’s the new cannon. Also, if Lilly liked horses, and James could animagi into a stag...
Although a Wikipedia check tells me that equines are led related to deer than pigs so, I guess that fan theory is out.
9/28/2018 c1 2HPMARIE
9/28/2018 c1 AnnaOxford
This almost made me cry, I feel so sad and angry and that’s probably not what you were going for but... If only Petunia wasn’t so jealous and hateful, Harry could have had the childhood that he deserves, that any kid deserves, really. This made my heart ache, seeing Harry so happy and most importantly with hardly any worries!
9/27/2018 c1 daredevilry
I love it. So different, so original, so refreshing.
9/25/2018 c1 MuggleCreator
This speaks to the girl in my heart who went through a major horse-mad phase.
9/25/2018 c1 Diabreon
A good, albeit shorter than I usually read, story, though I have to say, my personal head canon for that little ending you mention in the note at the end is that this Harry meets a girl who can shift into the form of a Kirin (from Monster Hunter) or some other kind of equine, and that's his wife.
9/22/2018 c1 7HarryPotterFangirl85
This was great. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading it, but I loved this version of Petunia.
9/18/2018 c1 Guest
Loved this story. So different! And I love stories where Harry gets away from the ghastly british wizarding world and has a happy life. Thanks for sharing.
8/17/2018 c1 1JayMJane
thanks for this. I enjoyed it immensely
8/12/2018 c1 00
Wonderful story and unique.
5/14/2018 c1 Moi
...except for poor Sirius! Gotta get him freed, somehow!
4/29/2018 c1 1Araytigre
As Drabbles go, this is a great one, completely AU in a quite believable way. I loved it. The only thing that Might have been nice to see, would have either (or both) Remus, or Sirius to join him (I Never did like seeing Sirius remain in Azkaban, unless it was a story where he Actually Was Guilty). Glad to see Petunia happy, and in a Good relationship too. Thank You. TTFN
4/12/2018 c1 mab70
Well plotted and very well done!
2/26/2018 c1 adreamingladyknight
This was beautiful. I've always loved horses. My mom grew up around horses and she and my dad even had horses of their own when I was little (but had to give them up when boarding them got to expensive). My grandmother also had a mare, a fox troter. She was called pocket and getting the chance to ride her was one of the reasons I loved visiting my grandma.

I could feel Petunia and Harry's love for horses, it was refreshing.
1/30/2018 c1 Artimuos Sen
Voldemort would be back if Harry is not in Hogwarts to prevent his rising and why would Pettigrew die before going back to his master. Just because you putHarry his head on sand doesn't mean Voldemort won't be rising which is happening in second year, do you really think that the shade of Voldemort won't rise and trying to search for Harry, even in the "Blindness" story the Tom from diary after rising tried to attack Dumbledore even he knew and afraid of him but never went to search for Harry Potter which is seriously idiotic and you are trying to poke fun on Harry Potter books by saying the prophecy is self fulfilling just like this story is.
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