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for Finally Belonging

9/18 c49 anon
sorry tried to pm you someone has copied your work cupbords nad cryogenics as it is in spanish and only 15000 words at the moment i thought you should know i also reported them hope you get htis sorted
8/11 c49 Zai
Glad you’re back!
8/3 c49 11Nanchih
I think Frigga gets a few points, too. Improving means accepting you have made mistakes. She may never be a Mother figure, but she might become a friend?
8/2 c49 hlgwin6
This was wonderful! Thank you for continuing the story.
8/2 c49
I'm super glad that you updated this story and hope you continue to do so. Thanks for the chapter...
8/2 c49 Snapdragon418
I am so glad you are continuing this story. It is one of my most favorite.
10/14/2022 c6 CursesRevenge
Man, I adore the relationship between Loki and Jarvis and Dum-E! It’s SO fun to read, and I just love it!
8/22/2022 c31 Aetherium21
I’m incredibly curious about what exactly Loki’s gang of imaginary friends are in this story. It’s almost like they’re an idea developing over time that his magic sustains
8/20/2022 c3 Aetherium21
Excellent story thus far, good luck on teaching this new semester too!
8/14/2022 c48 Anime100
This is truly interesting to read; please update soon

Poor Loki does NOT deserve this at it true that odin is half Jotur or is it just rumors? If it is,...then asgard are full of hypocrites

Please stay safe out there
6/30/2022 c48 DixieWriter
I hope you will complete this wonderful story one day!
I feel like I missed something between chapters 46 and 47?
2/19/2022 c1 MrKeyFox
You're a one note writer iv realized.
You like to have abused kids as mc with caring fathers.
That's why I can't like you. Read one of your stories and you have another very similar story just in another setting. Very tiring after awhile.
1/3/2022 c48 rilou2401
I'm so happy you chose to continue this story! I read all the ones you wrote recently even the ones that seemed discontinued, because your writing is just so good that I didn't want to skip any! This is an incredible story!
12/29/2021 c48 4thephoenixandthedragon4ever
So glad Loki has back all his sons. I love that Loki can build a castle like Elsa.
12/27/2021 c18 5MythNephthys
not sure why but every time Loki asks for hulk I just imagine them in a room with jumbo foam blocks to "smash"
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