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1/27/2016 c1 IcelandicLicorice
*dies of adorableness*
1/2/2016 c1 6Miss MoKa
OMG I loved your story! Tweek and Craig are soooo gay! Prince and princess! LOL! But seriously, I like that in this story it's not always bottom Tweek. I like to picture as both of them being the bottom and the top, just like in my relationship (yes, I'm lesbian). Whatever, great story, following you in order to read your creek long fic you're planning! Cheers!
1/1/2016 c1 1Gyon Ipan
Awwww. That was so cute! ˊ_ˋ
1/1/2016 c1 ReallyLoveThis
Omg! I love this! This story is so cute and it had me laughing a lot. I love Tweek and Craig fanfictions and this is defiantly one of my favorite. You capture everyone's personality just right. I hope you can continue to make more good Tweek and Craig ( Or doesn't just have to be just Tweek and Craig) fanfictions such as this one. :)
1/1/2016 c1 angelsrrn
OMG it is 3:49 pm when I write this so funny! We do take those game seriously. This was so cute!

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