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for Twelve Months Of Bethan

11/12/2017 c7 Minenash
Btw, it would of been better to do July 1st, as it's Candian's Independence Day; and the show is based in Ontario, Canada.
5/27/2017 c10 2I-Love-Smash
Well Jack and Ianto are gay and famous characters
12/25/2016 c12 58TiredOfBeingNice
Gahhhhhhhh you know that I was ready for this, but literally that was the best Christmas present ever! Just the piano, and the build-up to the proposal, you know how to make me blush and swoon XD

Merry Christmas, fanfic buddy! Can't wait for this bonus chapter thing, but until then, goodbye Twelve Months of Bethan *sniffle*
12/25/2016 c12 23Bennyweirlover17
That was the best chapter ever and you saved the best for last I'm really glad that Benny and Ethan got married I'm so happy for them it was the best Christmas ever for tham and I'm glad that everybody accepts there love too as for my favorite chapter holiday month I don't have one because I LOVE them all Every single one because It was the best bethan fanfiction yet thanks for all the wonderful bethan feels ps I love that Benny sang Ethan a song so romantic and played piano gosh how would I love if Benny did that for me anyway this whole bethan story rocks thanks for making it friend this was the best chapter ever and I love it like always because you're the best anyway bye bennyweirlover17 out
12/20/2016 c11 53champagnealec
Poor Ethan! Being sick on a holiday sucks! But luckily it all worked out in the end!

I'm not actually cutting it close this time! Just by a few days!

Benny being such a great boyfriend! Helping take care of his sick boyfriend and planning a huge surprise for him!

I can't wait to see the Christmas chapter/finale, to see how it all ends!
12/6/2016 c10 5LaViolaViolaRosa
Actually, the Canadian Thanksgiving is in October.
11/24/2016 c11 58TiredOfBeingNice
awwwwwwwwweeweeeeeeee that was adorable :)) sick MBAV stories are really the turn up this month :P Not gonna lie, when Benny cast the knockout spell on Ethan, I kind of imagined him wincing doing the deed feeling guilty and trying not to look and I melted :P

Great as always, fanfic buddy! I am very THANKFUL that I met you :))
11/24/2016 c11 23Bennyweirlover17
Awesome update This was so good I love it so much more Bethan feels yay it's amazing and wonderful and heartfelt I Almost wanted to cry because it was so romantic and most of all I love Benny taking care of a sick Ethan he really is the best boyfriend ever I wish I had a boyfriend like Benny anyway a another great chapter once again it's fantastic I can't wait for the last chapter it's going to be the best one of all and lastly I just want to say I love this fanfiction and will be sad to see it end but I will always love it and will read it over and over and over again once it's done so I can get more Bethan feels all over again anyway love ya friend talk to you soon bye bennyweirlover17 out peace
11/23/2016 c10 53champagnealec
Crap! I realized that I never left a review! Sorry, I have been busy lately! But here it is.

That was some fun Halloween party wasn't it? Well up until someone spiked the drinks and got Ethan drunk.

Also the idea of making them Romeo and Julian was an awesome idea! It's very original!

I can't wait for the Thanksgiving chapter! (which is tomorrow) then it's only one more Holiday left! Wow this year has flown by so quickly... I can't believe it.

See ya soon!
10/31/2016 c10 58TiredOfBeingNice

Romeo and Julian sounds like everything I wanted it to be! you did a pretty good job about making that spinoff of the Shakespeare classic, fanfic buddy :)

And drunk!Ethan is basically the best thing ever. I mean, dancing on a table shirtless! You lucky man, Benny - you lucky man *fans myself*

Anyway, great chapter, fanfic buddy! Loved it as always. Now I am to go do some homework - whoop :/
10/31/2016 c10 23Bennyweirlover17
I loved this chapter so much so good and I loved what Ethan and Benny dressed up as and I love that Benny took care of Ethan when he brought him from being drunk Romeo and Juliet is awesome for Benny and Ethan nice job and wonderful chapter can't wait for the next one
10/11/2016 c9 53champagnealec
Looks like Benny had a great birthday at the beach!

Again sorry it took me so long to review... I've been busy again... Life's just crazyyyyyyyy.

Anyways, I loved this! And I cannot wait to see what everyone's going as for Halloween, honestly that's what I love so much about Halloween stories, seeing the costumes everyone's wearing or the creepy horror plot they go through in them. So I can't wait!
9/16/2016 c9 23Bennyweirlover17
This chapter is great because of them at the beach
9/16/2016 c8 Bennyweirlover17
This one is SOO funny because of Rory and also I love that Ethan and Benny sleep with eachother on Ethan's birthday when camping
9/16/2016 c7 Bennyweirlover17
I love that Benny ended up making it stop raining for Ethan on 4th of July because he loves him so much and they are SOO MY OTP
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