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for The Red Swordsman: Slayer of Aincrad

1/12/2016 c7 553Colinm
Woohoo you should give Kiritimati more of his roles back please
1/12/2016 c6 553Colinm
Good story
1/12/2016 c5 553Colinm
I love the authors note format
1/11/2016 c3 553Colinm
Jerk also thank you for Savin sachi
1/11/2016 c19 3darkanomoly
Holy crap I love it. The beginning arc was like "okay it's canon stuff with a little au thrown in there" and then the words 'Fiore' and 'Interna Magic Online' made me squeal like a little girl. Keep on rocking
1/11/2016 c19 1TichePotato
Haha! Love the whole Recon thing.
1/10/2016 c19 TriforceHero
Mataras just isn't good with the ladies is he? Also the fact that Mataras and Kirito will always be beaters everywhere they go. For me, I believe that makes the story interesting with their knowledge of combat and their new powers to boot. Good Update Mataras and will see you in the next update when we begin the journey to the Tower of Heaven.
1/10/2016 c19 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Awesome chapter! Looks like Mataras is in denial! LOLZ. And interesting...Laxus was mentioned! I wonder...

Keep up the good work! When do ya think the next update will be?

P.S. Leafa/Suguha is also a Celestial Wizard? Fascinating! I look forward to how she fights!
1/9/2016 c18 Guest
When you gonna update the new chapter...
1/8/2016 c8 Guest
You quote abridged so mant times its hilarious.
1/8/2016 c18 0m3g4
Another excellent chapter, really hope to read more soon!
1/8/2016 c18 TheGhost74
Two anime series I love is now combine into one crossover fanfiction...just one thing to say though...YOU FREAKING AWESOME DUDE ! KEEP THE GOOD WORK MAN...
1/8/2016 c18 TheGhost74
So Mataras are you going to involve the phantom bullet,excalibur,and mother rosario arc into this one like the one you did in The Red Swordsman:Toa of Aincrad...
1/6/2016 c18 1TichePotato
Mwahahahahahahahaha! This might be what I need to break past ep 100 of FT. I'm stuck 2 mins in, watching animes with more gripping stories. IE, Death Note.
1/6/2016 c1 7SwordOfTheGods
Totally stole those lines from SAO Abridged. Still funny though.
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