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for The Red Swordsman: Slayer of Aincrad

2/17/2018 c4 10Eli Clark
Whose the leader of the Moonlit Black Cats now though? And for some reason, I love the fact that this guild still exists.
1/17/2018 c1 Ilikewaffles24
This was a really well written story and the only story that made me cry. Keep up the good work.
9/7/2017 c33 2SilvrSkyline
I can't believe it, You've done it. You made me cry... not once have I ever cried when reading a story. I never cry when a sad moment happens either in a story or in a game and the only anime to get me to cry was Clannad After Story. You've done it... heh... at least I can say I'm not emotionless anymore.
9/7/2017 c29 SilvrSkyline
6/19/2017 c33 1Gordita2020
MY EMOTIONS! *cries a lot*
5/24/2017 c33 swagondeck1129
Wow. Just wow. I must this best story I have ever read on Fanfiction. This story has made me laugh, cry and scream(mostly at Kirito). Mataras I don't know if your still writing but ill be watchin. Whether you believe me or not, I could not stop reading this story. It was like reading a James Patterson novel, comsuming and captivating. Keep it up Mataras.

Your now ever avid fan,
Lord Kitsune
4/27/2017 c3 Ethan Kironus
You have siblings?
2/23/2017 c33 36Eagle Dreamer
it was really good although it got wierd to me when they got to fairy tail.
1/24/2017 c33 FlamesOfTruth
I am at a loss of what to say right now. This was an amazing work of fan fiction purely and simply. Well written, mistakes are very few and far between and the characters are so full of life and emotion, and the plot ran smoothly. I actually had tears coming to my eyes towards the end. Very nice job, please continue to write more great works in the future, I look forward to reading them.
1/3/2017 c33 SaotomeAmerican
Dang it you made me cry in the end
11/28/2016 c33 The Last Of Rights
Awesome story man. Only two stories on this site has made me cry, and this is one of those two. I hope I can write something as well as you did here. Keep up the amazing work
10/25/2016 c33 8Light Hero Kaiser
Great chapter m8 can't wait for more
10/24/2016 c13 2browncoat31986
Mataras' reaction to Yui reminds me of Groose from LoZ Skyward Sword. "EEK! Tiny birds!"

This is my second read-through in month. I honestly can't get enough of Mataras. He's very much like my own brother IRL.
9/4/2016 c33 RedWallaby
Man this might be late i don't really know it said it got uploaded january 1st but then again it said that for most chapters but I cried (a bit at least), and that After just reading this one fic usually i hardly ever cry when fictional characters die usually only when i've read or seen many things with them in it your fic made me cry to that death and i'll give you props for that, your characters were fleshed out and felt real. I don't have an account yet but for your sake i'll make one asap so yeah i'll go now but you keep on writin' them stories okay? Good
8/30/2016 c14 RedWallaby
WHY Did you make Litrosh big?! He was adorable! Make hin smol again! (But since i'm writing this Review a few montags After the Story got finished it probably won't happen...)
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