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for PMD: The Blazing Hearts

11/13/2016 c10 4Parousia45
Ouch, that was brutal and painful. The battle was exciting and the breaking of Connor's arm was...oh my.
11/13/2016 c13 Parousia45
Man, the part when Roy cried made me cry too and that moment with Connor and Vulcan is so touching. Great job!
7/15/2016 c33 3Caelys
Mh... all of that seem really interesting. I can't wait to have news of Team Firestorm, how are they, how their allies will do for help at them to go of this situation... I'm really looking forward! And I'm pleasantly surprised but glad that my Team Hope is appreciated. I'm so happy to see them more!
7/11/2016 c33 Eagle Master17
OMG! I can't wait! Ok so now I need to get my brain back into intense analyzing mode since I've pretty much only did some 'casual' reading (A.K.A. reading without trying to figure out the content of future chapter(s)) for like 2 months beside 1 chapter so... *insert intense reading music*
7/11/2016 c33 Talgar
Finally! The wait is almost over!
6/2/2016 c33 Caelys
Good luck and never give up !
5/25/2016 c33 Guest
I can't wait till summer!
4/18/2016 c1 Aurakin
Just as a suggestion for the next story, could connor's old memories keep flashing in a dream but appearing like the dimensional scream? I feel like that would be an easy way for connor to find out about amber being a human. Just a suggestion, if it doesn't work with the sequel don't use it.
4/17/2016 c32 Ben
Really great story. I would like to see a lot more action ftom team Hope, and i would like to submit a character despite the fact that i am not logged in as a user.
Solen the Scizor, the Alpha, who comes from east Immanis. He has a headstrong personality, and acts as a temporary ally to whomever pays the highest price. I imagine him as the mercenary figure, and he could be someone that team Firestorm and the Mafia fight over. The mafia's funds have been drained via the assassins, so team Firestorm has a fighting chance to recruit him as an ally in the future. I really hope you keep writing.
4/10/2016 c32 Talgar
well,this arouses many questions. the pokemon that vulcan is not happy to see is probaly a former enemy . ive got a feeling that it's skuntank for some reason. the pokemon who are helping jade, ive got a feeling that gavulantula is one of them. the stronghold where mirage is hiding out might be in the northern desert, as that's her dungeon of orgin. and valerie is alive! though her typing is going to hinder her if she decides to fight victor.
4/10/2016 c32 Caelys
Hmm... All of that looks really interesting... I can't wait to see the next!
4/9/2016 c32 Eagle Master17
ROY! D: You are more cruel then Victor by making my favorite character of the story be killed (OK, more like close of being killed) by my main in pokken tournament which I enjoy playing as! But seriously, I LOVE the suspense it have and can't wait to read the first chapter of the next installment!
4/9/2016 c32 17AeroJester203
I can't wait! X3
The curiosity! It tugs at my soul!
4/3/2016 c31 blaze uchiha 21
best story ever
3/28/2016 c31 Talgar
i must say, i did not expect this story ro get so big. the ideas that i gave you were intergrated so well with your own and everyone else's. hopefully the wait doesn't feel so long.
team firestrom is going to have a hard time defeating their assigned pursers as all have a adavantage. also is it too late to submit any more ideas?
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