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for The Return of King Arthur

6/13/2022 c21 Guest
oh wow - just saw this was from 2016 but it is so good here's hopping for more :o)
11/27/2020 c21 Guest
Hello, where is the rest of the book? I loved it!
6/5/2020 c21 KIWI9814
Argh...Got all the way to Chapter 21 to find it is not complete! I was so enjoying it too.
8/4/2019 c21 EAC
PLease are you going to finish this story line?
Just too oooo good to leave like this.
6/23/2019 c21 jacats
Fabulous story! I really hope you finish it one day (soon would be great)...
6/9/2019 c21 108Mini Goat
This is great. I hope you get back to it some day.
9/26/2018 c1 Densifan77
I really enjoyed thus stors so gar! Are you Planung in finishing it? That would bei great!
8/26/2017 c21 kathleen.murphy.12979431
Loving your story, but I've noticed that your latest update was June 2016. Are you planning on finishing it or are you done? I really hope you continue on, it's a great story!
8/20/2017 c21 Paula
Really have enjoyed this story so far please tell me that you p!an on finishing it.
2/23/2017 c21 Shel
Love this story! I hope u continue it!
12/25/2016 c20 RoseA26
Reaily enjoyed reading this...I hope updates are not too far away! Thanks :)
12/19/2016 c21 Guest
more more more more please! love this
11/13/2016 c7 Guest
You could have done so much with Ba'al. Made him an early clone or something. Anywhoo.
10/18/2016 c21 Superlumps
I think the captain will be very glad to be rid of her. Will you finish this story? I have enjoyed it!
8/28/2016 c17 6Samisim
I just read through this whole story. You have a wonderful way of telling a story. The Sam/Jack bits are like torture, you keep me wanting more. I suppose that is what good story telling is about, it keeps you interested and wanting that next moment. Teal'c and Daniel are spot on and really funny at times, particularly Daniel. I hope there is an update soon.
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