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6/14/2020 c43 lordyam
Good chapter but you could have them rush to stop the battle BEFORE the whole story of Hohenheim's past is revealed. That way's its coherent and keeps from being repetitive

Also I created a tvtropes page
5/22/2020 c59 lordy am
One change I'd have. First the souls erupt from Father and Hohenheim, than the truth emerges from within Father, dragging him and Hohenheim down
5/9/2020 c59 Guest
Still think Ed giving him the final blow made sense. He still had God inside of him, and it was only when his body was destroyed that God was freed. Hohenheim's original death was also extremely beautiful. Maybe you can have Hohenheim defeat Father, but he first releases both of their souls.
5/7/2020 c21 Pirate King Ray
Interesting adaptation. You managed to weld two different stories together into a harmonious whole. Can't say I like ALL the changes (I rather liked Jerso Zampano Darius and Heinkel and felt they had a purpose) but I understand that they crowded things out.

If you want to flesh Lust out you can have Envy make a slight comment about "that handsome young doctor" that Lust is visibly displeased about. Lust was on a mission and came across a village suffering an epidemic. A young doctor fell in love with her and Lust killed him because she didn't like that he made her feel
5/14/2019 c9 2Shinobi420
2003 meets Brotherhood? Here's a fanfic idea for you. Dante sends 2003!Ed to the Gate at the same time that Brotherhood!Ed used the Philosopher's Stone to get out of Gluttony's stomach. In the vast whiteness Brotherhood!Ed sees not just one but three Gates, then sees Al's body and 2003!Ed.
1/10/2019 c60 GaaraDeservesToBeHappy
This story was actually really good even though I didn’t like the 03 fma but I’m glad it was mixed with brotherhood and had the same happy ending :)
10/29/2017 c11 ytygr
As long as Mustang isn’t the one that killed the Rockbell’s I’m good I hate that part of the ‘03 series. And the end where Ed ends up in Freaking Germany at the beginning of another war!
9/19/2017 c8 10Eli Clark
I wish there was parental royed
8/26/2017 c51 40Light Seeker 001
I think there should have been a bit more development for Misery. She just came off like another henchmen wearing Ed and Al's face to me. In the 2003 anime, she personally attacked Ed and Al quite frequently by bringing up their past that she claimed to want no part of.
2/17/2017 c60 Love the story
That was amazing. Loved it. I'm currently re-reading the whole thing on my phone, but I couldn't wait for the ending, so I read it onto the computer. Anywho, lovely conclusion. Your story had a good pase, lovely ideas, and a decent conclusion. Both the highlights of both anime's. FMA 2003's nice beginning and wonderful characters combined with Brotherhoods new(ish?) faces and lovely conclusion. Everything was wrapped up nicely, no leftover "how did this happen?" questions, and enough tradgity to make my heart ache, without the brothers unnessicarily receiving a forced tragic ending. Plus and EdWin kiss, which I found missing from both anime's, and was slightly disappointed by that. Anyway, wonderful, wonderful, praise to you, standing ovation, etc. Love the story! If you ever write other FMA things, I will be sure to read them, because you are a stellar writer. Thank you for combining the best of both worlds, and creating this wonderful fic.

Also, my fanfic account is Mother of the Universe (I'm not logged in for some reason), if you ever wanna give me writing advice, as I am still in high school, and would enjoy every bit of advice I can get for my stories.
2/17/2017 c60 13Here Strikes Dawn
Wow. What a finale! This story has been excellent and I know that in the future I'll come back to read it again. You have certainly captured the best elements of both anime as well as including your own features. I loved how you made the Promised Day darker than in Brotherhood but still retained the sense of hope and that a future is possible in this chapter. Enjoy your break you've definitely earnt it!
2/16/2017 c60 34lilaclily00
Lovely ending! I like how you tied in some more stuff from the 2003 anime to Bro's ending- but, well, it's what you've done this whole time. (I sure hope Mustang only has the patch, and never grows that horrid mustache too. XD)

This has been quite an adventure! I'm glad I could be here since chapter 1. :3 I had a feeling from the get-go that this would definitely be worth reading. And you, sir, definitely deserve a break after this monster of a story.

Call me up when/if you do another fic in the future, after that hiatus! I'm sure to enjoy it too! :D
2/16/2017 c60 Andrey258
Goodbye forever,my dear friend. I will dearly miss you. Have a nice day.
2/10/2017 c59 Lily
I really enjoyed reading this fanfic I look forward to the final chapter
2/10/2017 c59 Guest
That was an AWSOME chapter. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see how it ends. I might read the story over again after the last chapter so I can experience the whole thing (without the updates). For most stories, I don't do that (usually the shorter ones). But a re-read for this story would be worth it. Nice job!
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