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3/20/2020 c2 12adrogoz
Something's definitely not as it seems. Donkey hasn't said a word this whole story...
3/12/2020 c4 Guest
Please, please, please write more!
12/25/2019 c4 83erica.phoenix16
I like this story. Keep it up! :)
12/4/2019 c4 Dungeons27
It's always a suprise seeing this update. I enjoy that this story has the voice for a lot of the characters and how well its written compared to what it could be. See y'all in like a year or two.
11/23/2019 c4 26jeanette9a
Ooh, this will be fun.
11/23/2019 c4 6lilly-flower15
great chapter update soon
1/4/2019 c3 1Otaku4life16
I really like this story. It could totally happen.

Please continue with the story and update
12/21/2018 c3 26jeanette9a
Well, well, well, guess who might have diplomatic immunity now. Start with an H end with a Y.
- Using torture implement on a minor that is the prince of a foreign nation, Dolores that's not a good political move.
7/27/2018 c3 3LovelyLuly
When are you going to update this? I wanna know what happens next and how shrek will be able to convince Harry to come with him
4/11/2018 c3 1Vercalos
"You can't just ask why a cat can talk!"

Pfft. You took that joke from Mean Girls.
3/20/2018 c3 Holios the Demon Companion
Hehe. Harry 'pottered' about the dorm room
1/28/2018 c3 49Ninja Master
Another great chapter! Update soon!
1/24/2018 c3 15Vanessa Masters
Ugh! That Umbridge, giving Harry detention when she KNEW the headmaster called him to the office. Honestly.

Don’t let shrek find out about the blood quills, he’ll shred her to pieces...actually, let him be told!

Oh boy, sugar high do key.

But Neville is a comfort.
1/24/2018 c2 Vanessa Masters
Silence. The whole hall was in silence at Shrek's words, everyone looking in one direction, what Shrek assumed to be towards Harry. Shrek started to see if he could see who they were looking towards, but before he could do so he heard a polite cough from the High table. He turned to see that a woman dressed in pink had stood up.

"And why, may I ask, would someone….like you… have any business with a student of Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? I'll have you know that the minister-"

"That's quite enough Delores." The old man said, holding his hand up as he said so. The woman, Dolores, looked as though she wanted to continue, but didn't do so and instead shot the man a glare. The place was a school? That explained a lot.

"Someone like me? Oh, you mean an ogre." Shrek said sarcastically. He hated having to talk with prejudiced people. Yes, he was an ogre. He had green skin and he loved to scare people. That didn't automatically make him evil. He could almost feel the disgust rolling off of the woman. Shrek smirked. From what Shrek had observed in the moments since he had laid eyes on her, this Delores woman was probably one of those who worshiped the person with the most power that they could find. This was going to be fun. He turned to Puss and gave the subtle signal for him to carry out Plan Four. The two of them had used some of the time that they had to spend on the boat coming up with different scenarios that could potentially happen and subtle gestures to denote the activation of each plan.

Puss nodded and coughed really loudly.

"Presenting Shrek, Royal Ambassador for the Kingdom of Far Far Away." Puss announced loudly.

The room was in shock and Shrek's smirk widened on seeing Delores' reaction. She had gone white in anger and shock. Several jaws of the adults at that table had dropped and all of them were surprised. Shrek did that weird bow with a hand movement that Fiona had had him practise for hours until he got it right and was pleased to see the old guy respond in kind.

"Shall we take this to my office?" The old man asked. Shrek didn't see the harm in doing so. Sure, he was here to get Harry, but something in his gut told Shrek that if he had the old guy, who Shrek was pretty sure was the Headmaster of this school, on his side then everything would go much smoother. Shrek nodded and followed the man out of the room along with a stern looking woman, Puss and Donkey following him.

Poor harry, overwhelmed more then ever! So far, far away is in the Bermuda Triangle. And poor shrek, coming to Hogwarts when Dolores Umbridge is there? YIKES!
1/24/2018 c1 Vanessa Masters
It’s terrific! So far, so great. Keep it up!
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