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1/2 c35 5Aspiring-Creator
To Carlom2408: And to that my good sir I say... okay I concede the ending was a little rushed. At the time I was writing it, I was pretty much ready to get this thing done and wound up forgoing sleep that night to keep writing it until the very end and as a result, the fatigue really, REALLY hit me. If I were to go back and change anything up with this story, I would probably add in more chapters with some quiet moments, less fanservice, more of a focus on the story I had going and less emphasis on teases towards this being a triple crossover in later entries. That's the fault of me, the chronically slow writer who got a little overambitious in terms of plans. I still ultimately want to do the sequel at some point but honestly looking back, I think I could've done some stuff a bit better and while I certainly don't want to pull a Lucas and just re-edit my original fanfiction into being something that the readers didn't sign up for in the first place? I have gone back and forth over whether or not in the future I'd give this story an update.

As for that idea of focusing on Kylo and Esdeath's relationship in the sequel? I certainly would love to do that. There's a lot that I definitely can do with those two that could lead to some interesting developments. I unfortunately will have to rework those out because over the years, I've lost a lot of the material that contained my plans for the sequel but I think with some time, patience and potential assistance I can do that.
1/2 c36 Carlom2408
The ending is a bit of a shit, I'm not very excited about the idea of a possible sequel but despite everything I really liked the story and I hope that if it ever has a sequel the relationship of Esdeath and Kylo Ren will be explored more.
2/29/2020 c1 2I eat ants
Simply beautiful. So much death... so much destruction and depression... It gives me a reason to live.
9/7/2019 c1 GipsyMoth
God damn, really? That's an absolutely disgusting name for a ship. Absolutely disgraceful. It's a credit to you that you didn't come up with it, Aspiring-Creator.
8/23/2019 c1 1is the human the water eyeball
The Finalizer is a canon name for an actual star destroyer; Aspiring-Creator didn't come up with the name of the ship.
9/14/2018 c4 GipsyMoth
Just something I want to say as a comment (not a review, just need to get this off my chest) but The Finalizer is not really a good name for a ship.
9/12/2018 c36 1The NTR Knight
Thanks for the ride, it was nice while it lasted. But whatever happened between Nines and Mez? What did Phasma mean by reassignment? Was there something I missed? Heck, this unlikely duo was probably my favorite part of this story... props for making shit interesting btw, keep it up... also sequel when?
7/24/2018 c36 5Aspiring-Creator
To YuriRequestGuy: It's not so much it has been dropped so much as it has been put on hold for the sake of getting to other projects that really need to be completed because as much as I love requests, I was one naive son of a bitch for being so ridiculously open with them which led to me being overwhelmed and really, that's not a fun feeling.
7/24/2018 c36 YuriRequestGuy
Hey congratulations man I'm glad you finally finished this great story! I hate to be rude, my man, but whatever did happen to my request though? It's cool if you dropped it I guess but I'd also kind of be disappointed if you did, honestly
7/7/2018 c36 Actually Music Man
Holy shitamoli, you actually finished it. I'll be honest, I didn't think you had it in you. I've no idea if it's any good because I've never read it and never intend to; but props for at least getting it done. Now if only you had the inclination to bounce on over to FictionPress and use that noggin (or at the very least, that can-do attitude) of yours to do something original; you could very well make something adequate.
7/2/2018 c36 vitork
Fake canon story made by liberals who hates EU superiority.
6/27/2018 c36 2Triclopes
OHHH NO... I think I know the sequal. I've got a bad feeling about this...(; I've gotta say despite some critisisms I have on some of the finale chapters and how I felt they could've been better, I have definetly enjoyed the story overall I remember that back when chapters were being updated weekly to monthly and I'd always feel like I was waitng for a new episode of my favorite TV show or Anime, I'd dare even compare to maybe even being better than what the actual sequal movies are... I came across your story back when I had finished both The Force Awakens and Akame ga Kill Anime after it had done airing on Toonami and I always talked to my friends back then about how the stories between Star Wars and Akame ga Kill were similer almost identical. When I saw the first chapter of this story published I didn't think that you'd actually complete it, but over time when I saw that you kept working at it and the story kept going and I thouroughly enjoyed it and I never missed a single chapter. It always felt like a nice reward after a hard day or something of which I both like and seeing an idea like that being taken somewhere. I guess you could even say you were one of the factors that inspired me to become a FanFiction writer, kind of "Aspiring," to make a story that was great like yours. I also sometimes over the course of this journey have been nervous, depressed, and I've kind of been just struggling with some things that at the time I felt I wasn't ready for yet. I also was afraid that there was time that could've been better spent over my story I might never get back and it'll just end up being incomplete never even having a chance to grow first. Can't say that I'd done much better while you were on hiatus either and during that time I just...
Drifted. Like I lost motivation for everything. With the things and people I once thought important not really being so much anymore. Sure there were many things I could've chalked it down to whether it be I didn't have the time, I didn't have any good or solid processable ideas, lazyness, or I just couldn't get to it because I was starting to leave this awsome world where I felt I learned from it in terms of the general outsider perspective and I guess you could compare
it to waking up from a dream you didn't want to wake up from and I was starting to become more grounded. Almost like I was loosing my creativity and in place I just went though the motions of life not really caring anymore and every time I went to sleep I couldn't dream and even if I could I was afraid to. Although I can't say for sure if everythings going to be ok or not, I'm definetly happy I got to see this journey to the end and I'm looking torwards the next one. I don't think this should be a review at this point with everything I'm saying, but more along the lines of a thanks I really liked this story so much so that I've recommended it to whoever decides to check out my profile and are following my story which you could still probably say is in development. So good luck with whatevers next in a galaxy far, far, away... And May The Force Be With You. Stay Frosty.
6/27/2018 c35 Triclopes
Things that I liked and didn't like about the Kylo vs. Akame and Kurome battle. First off what I liked: The fact that he was fighting aurguebly two of the most deadly assassins in the Akame ga Kill series and we got to see that he survived being one offed by Akame's Impirial arm Murasame and inadvertanly activated its Presidents Card, I mean... (ahem) Trump Card and with a visual like that of what I'm invisioning right now looks kick ass and I'd be interested to see if it had any long-term affects on Kylo's force abilities in which he can draw from the Darkside. Now time for what I didn't like about the battle: First, he came to Night Raid's Base alone without any First Order forces or back up of any kind you'd think that with the whole reason of coming to the Akame ga Kill world in the first place with Kylo emphisising the importance of capturing the twins especially considering that he litteraly convinced HIS Master, Snoke, to make that galactic detour in the first place riding on an ENTIRE planetary invasion in hopes of returning with two of the twins, one of them at least, and considering the special care he'd taken up to this point with not killing or fatally harming Akame and Kurome seeing them as potental canidates to become his apprentice or under the apprenticeship of Snoke once they've been captured and swayed to the Darkside and trained in the ways of the Force. You would think that he would arrive with a squad of Stormtroopers either jointly led by Phasma or the living Star Wars meme TR-8R and infiltrate or raid the Night Raid base (no pun intended). Not only that, but another major problem I had with the battle was that it didn't make sense as to why he would toy with them during the dual since THAT'S exactly what led to his defeat or at the very least sustain the wounds he received from Finn back with their battle at STARKILLER Base and after his defeat at the hands of Rey, he should've been able to learn from his mistakes that were responsible for his humiliating defeat at the hands Rey in the first place, also these were two of the most deadliest assassins in the Akame ga Kill world the moment were they were beginning to see openings in his defenses and were aiming for the intent to kill and were they nearly succeeded should've been the moment he became serious and started implementing more integrated Force techniques with his dualing skills to overpower them. He also should've sensed Kurome coming since it established in the chapter that rage and fear were the greatest range of emotions she was feeling through this fight mainly when she charged in to save Akame from being sliced, plus why was he going to kill her? He was going to capture her ALIVE there was no reason to kill her unless necessery, which at the time shouldn't have been the case in the first place since he had her at his mercy and could've encompasitated her. The point is he should've sensed Kurome coming. Now onto the main fight, I've been struggling with this most of all because your story has it to where Kylo, Akame, and Kurome are all related and are the Solo twins. So the implication of them potentially being Force sensitive would come into play as well and considering that they were trained as highly skilled assassins they would have some natural experience in the Force on a basic level mainly when looking at their physical prowess and how they pushed to their limits when looking at the training they were put through such as endurance, speed, strength, pain tolerance, athletisism, and acrobatics when looking at the heights they can jump from or leep to and land with seeming grace and ease. Finally, Kylo's hand being choped off? Really? Another one? Again? This is something that had been done so many times and didn't really need to happen, he didn't even need a prosethetic he could've taken the hand with him and had it re-attached with Bacta so he could resume shooting force lightning out of both hands. Like why'd you go and do that? It's a genuine question because I personaly didn't like how you brought back the whole Skywalker-has-to-be-an-amputee-cliche. Going beyond that it did make some sense that the twins would be able to hold their own in a fight against Kylo taking into accaount the previous facts established per this review on their potential Force sensitivity and tapping into some aspect of it during their training and career as assassins either not knowing what it was or they progressed naturally with it per their training and only were able to use it on a physical level kind of like Darth Bane or Ezra Bridger before their suspicions of them being force sensitive were confirmed and just kind of lived with what they knew. That all being said, I'm almost done with the story and I'll post another reveiw on it overall for the last chapter. keep up the good work as always. PS: It would also probably be a good idea to do recape segments on chapters for future stories of this crossover mainly the sequal, given the length in time it takes to write and upload some chapters it could help some people catch up for those have been away from the story for so long either waiting for the next chapter and couldn't remember what happened previously or to keep up to date with what events that had occoured in the story, just a thought to help! :)
6/25/2018 c36 brave kid
whoa great story buddy
6/24/2018 c33 37SupremeCommanderSimon609
Very interesting and action-packed chapter! I hope that Najenda and Lubbock survive, but it’ll be very tough against Esdeath, especially after she stabbed Najenda with her lightsaber. Hopefully Tatsumi will come to his senses before it’s too late! Can’t wait to read the final chapter to this great story!
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