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2/1/2020 c5 Guest
Make a inside out fanfic emotion vacation
12/31/2019 c11 Rashad Curry
The emotion flight with 15 chapters
12/31/2019 c1 Rashad curry
Add a fanfic sadness misbehaves
3/31/2018 c11 18Svinorita
This was a great ending to the story Orangebird124 and I want you to know that I really enjoyed reading this cute (and at times suspenseful) TearBrick friendship story :)

I thought ending the story with Sadness' P.O.V. was a brilliant idea since the majority of it centered on her. In fact, this story was like Sadness finding her true purpose again, (similar to the end of the movie) and I feel like in the process, she made Anger understand the consequences of his actions and by finding Sadness and apologizing to her, he became a better Emotion in the end too :)

This was your first Inside Out story and I'm really proud of you and the way it turned out! I am looking forward to reading some more of your work my friend and you can count on my ongoing support :)

3/31/2018 c10 Svinorita
It great to see that things are finally on the mend between Riley and Jordan :) Riley didn't receive that invitation all this time because it was lost in the mail and it was all a big misunderstanding! But sometimes our Anger jumps to conclusions and we may end up saying things on impulse. Things that we often end up regretting...

I'm relieved that Sadness was able to save Friendship Island by helping Riley apologize to Jordan and I absolutely agree with what you said about it never being too late to apologize! Just like in the end of the movie, our little Teardrop friend saved the day once again :)

I hope Riley and Jordan have fun at the carnival and that Sadness finally understands her importance in Riley's life and never tries to run away again!
3/23/2018 c9 Svinorita
Now I can breathe a big sigh of relief because Sadness is okay! I knew she had to survive but still, it was nerve-wracking waiting to learn her fate and I felt really bad for the other Emotions as they were crying over their little friend :(

I loved it when Sadness walked up behind the others as they were mourning over her and asked what they were all crying for. "Can I join you?" That line made me smile because it definitely sounds like something Sadness would say and it was so cute :)

I'm also happy that Anger finally got to apologize to Sadness properly and she forgave him! He even let her give him a hug which was really sweet and it's great to see those two are friends again! Now they can all go back to Headquarters together and help Riley make amends with Jordan...

Also the part where everyone was wiping away Sadness' tears at the same time was really heartwarming and I thought you did a great job alternating between Anger and Sadness' P.O.V's throughout this chapter :)
3/23/2018 c8 Svinorita
This chapter was a real nail-biter! I never thought there was an area in Imagination Land that has a waterfall and that was pretty reckless of Sadness to try walking across on that flimsy log! Now she's gotten herself in serious danger and even though the other Emotions tried to help her, she ended up falling regardless :( I want to believe that she will be okay, maybe a little sore and bruised but hopefully still in one piece...

I'm actually going to read the next chapter right away because I'm really curious to see what happened to our adorable little blue friend! The suspense is too great and I must find out what happened next or else I'm going to start obsessing over it...

Also, you did a fantastic job writing this chapter by switching between Sadness and Anger's P.O.V's! That's so original and I thought it was a very creative way of presenting parts of this story :)
3/18/2018 c7 Svinorita
That was a great cliffhanger at the end of this chapter Orangebird124! At first, Sadness was happy to see her friends again and it was heartwarming when they all reunited and hugged her in turn :) But then Anger showed up and just as I feared (yes, being a fearful type of person I am can relate to that a lot!) she didn't want to forgive him for the way he treated her and especially for breaking her glasses :(

Poor Anger...I almost feel sorry for him because he genuinely feels bad about what he did to Sadness. But I feel even worse for Sadness :( Now she's refusing to go back to Headquarters because she doesn't want to see Anger and I'm worried about what she might do next out of desperation! She was contemplating throwing herself into the Memory Dump only moments before the others found her and seeing her running away from her friends at the end was heart-wrenching :(

I just hope the other Emotions will find a way to convince her that Riley needs her in her life before she does something drastic...

You have done a great job writing this story so far my friend and it feels like something that could take place after the movie! I love how you keep everyone in character throughout the story and I can actually visualize the story as I'm reading it and that's something I'm always striving to do with my own stories too!
3/18/2018 c6 Svinorita
I'm so relieved that the other Emotions finally managed to convince Anger to start caring about Sadness again! I was worried for a moment that he wasn't going to listen to them, but thankfully they reminded him of Sadness' importance and he's finally ready to make amends! Although judging from the way he reacted towards the end of this chapter, he suddenly seems to have become a little too concerned about finding her...Anger didn't even wait for the others before jumping into that Recall Tube!

I've got a feeling that when he does find her (which I'm sure he will) he's going to become somewhat overprotective of her! I just hope that Sadness wants to forgive him because he made her feel pretty worthless, not to mention he was the main reason that she ran away in the first place...

I liked the father/daughter bonding you portrayed in this chapter Orangebird124 :) It was so sweet of Riley to help her Dad in the yard and I always love to see Riley spending some quality time with her parents :)
3/17/2018 c5 Svinorita
This chapter was really moving and I have to admit that it tugged at my heartstrings quite a bit! Firstly, I'm glad that Sadness found a motel in Cloud Town to spend the night, but I felt well...sad for her because she was lonely and missing her friends back in Headquarters :(

I've actually never heard of the song "One Little Star" before, but I loved it when Joy, Fear and Disgust were singing it at the same time as Sadness as if they knew that she was watching that exact same star as they were that night and it shows that even though they are apart, all the Emotions share an unbreakable family bond :)

What really moved me personally, was Fear telling Joy that he feels like he's heart is broken without Sadness...I just wanted to reach in there and give him a massive hug because I don't like to see him upset :( Fear's sensitivity and concern for those he loves is like an endless source of inspiration for me and I wish more people could be like that in real life...

Anyway, I'm ranting about Fear again aren't I? Sorry about that! I just adore that sweet, kind-hearted purple bundle of nerves so much that I can't help it sometimes :) I hope the others can convince Anger to change his attitude towards Sadness soon because I've got a feeling that deep down, he misses her more than anyone but he's too stubborn to admit it!
3/11/2018 c4 Svinorita
There was a lot of drama in this chapter and I definitely wouldn't have thought that Riley and Jordan would get into a fight! Anger really needs to control his temper because first he upset Sadness so badly that she ran away and now he made Riley overreact because she forgot all about that birthday party for Jordan's aunt!

Once again great job with both the Anger and Sadness P.O.V. sections! You did a wonderful job telling the story from both character's perspectives and I believe that is exactly how Anger and Sadness would react in the current situation!

Also I'm relieved that Sadness ended up in Imagination Land. At least there are no serious dangers there and she has everything she needs from food in French Fry Forest to a safe place to spend the night in Cloud Town :)
3/11/2018 c3 Svinorita
This was a really good chapter Orangebird124 and I didn't mind if it was a bit longer (you know how long many of my chapters are :) Once again, I liked how you incorporated P.O.V storytelling with the regular style! It looks like Anger is still mad at Sadness for always crying and messing things up! I thought he would be feeling at least a little guilty about being so mean to her but no...he's acting stubborn and standoffish for now!

I'm glad the other Emotions are concerned about Sadness running away and I hope they can find her before something bad happens to her...Fear listing off some of the possible places that she could have gone to is proof of just how much danger Sadness could potentially find herself in (what if she ends up in the Subconscious or the Memory Dump?!)

I laughed a little when Joy shouted at Forgetter Bob and hung up on him because he was acting aloof and disinterested about Sadness' whereabouts...I guess he's just doing his job but that was still rude of him and Joy was smart to give him a piece of her mind like that :)

I really like the way this story is shaping up so far and I want to commend you on how well you've written it my friend! It feels close to the movie and those are the type of stories I enjoy reading the most :)
3/8/2018 c2 Svinorita
Oh no! Sadness has decided to run away because Anger made her feel like she does nothing but mess up everything! I agree with you when you said that you wanted to give Sadness a hug and reassure her...I felt the same way when I read through this chapter!

Come on Sadness...you are important! It wasn't too long ago that you found you're true purpose and that should have made you see that Riley needs to feel sad sometimes to let her pain out and feel better afterwards!

Once again, I am intrigued by how you've chosen to write this story through Anger and Sadness' P.O.V.s Orangebird124! I don't think I've read any other story on this fandom that was presented in that way and that makes this one feel very original and unique :)
3/8/2018 c1 Svinorita
So far I gotta say I'm impressed my friend! There was certainly a lot of drama and suspense in this first chapter and even though I had a feeling that Sadness might drop the cake as soon as Joy told everyone what their parts in Disgust's birthday surprise were, I never expected Anger to lose his temper at her like that!

I felt really sorry for Sadness when he was yelling at her and especially when he stomped on her glasses to teach her a lesson...that was extremely harsh of him! Geez Anger! It's was only a cake!

I found it very interesting how you switched to Anger's P.O.V. in the end and I think that's a really original idea! I am looking forward to finding out what happens next and I've got a feeling this will be a very interesting story to read through :)
7/4/2017 c11 19HardyGirl17
Read through all this, and I loved it!
Well done! I love friendship stories :)
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