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10/23/2019 c1 Guest
Awww the Crane family mattress has so many big, strong men protecting her. She's unable to do that for herself.
1/9/2017 c1 1bjq
Interesting story. Yet, what if a crossover with say, the sitcom "BARNEY MILLER" involved its own character of none other than N.Y.P.D. Inspector Frank Luger looking into a possible clue in the murder of fellow officer, and 12TH Precinct legend Nick Yemana (as played by the late Jack Soo). Now, what happens is that while on a special undercover assignment, Yemana is nabbed trying to bust up a narcotics run organized by Alistair Crane in the late 1970S. Twenty some odd years later, Frank Luger stumbles onto the identity of Yemana's killers, and they find out, and kill Luger. Now, Luger was played by the late character-actor James Gregory. After Luger's demise, the character of Carl Edmond Levitt goes after the Cranes, and gunned down by Rebecca Hotchkiss. After Levitt, his fellow officer, one Arthur Dietrich comes to Harmony to bust up the Cranes' criminal empire, which Ethan most likely has no intentions of running whatsoever. Levitt was played by the late Ron Carey, and Dietrich played by the late Steve Landesberg. .com will supply that information, just in case you are interested. However, with these four assassinations having taken place, Alistair knows his days as Harmony's own version of 'The Godfather' are up, give or take a few such possibilities. So, realizing that Alistair Crane needs to be brought to justice, tried, and imprisoned, well, N.Y.P.D. Detective Captain Barney Miller decides that 'enough is enough', and heads for Harmony in the process. So, upon getting into town, Barney gets in touch with Tabitha, and gets a better lowdown on things. Then enter, the former 12TH Precinct detectives such as Stanley Wojihoweicz aka Wojo, and Ron Harris. Now, things get really heated up. Phil Fish, N.Y.P.D. Detective Sergeant (retired) joins the last few men of his old precinct as well as a fellow officer named Chano (he's a Puerto-Rican-American). But one does feel that taking down a powerful criminal such as Alistair Crane has more than meets the eye to it, huh? Well, no need to fear, especially when one adds Gomez Addams, Herman Munster, and Barnabas Collins, among many others to the formula. In case, you are not that 'in' to 'Barney Miller', well, I'll probably try it out myself, being so deep into such knowledge.
1/5/2016 c1 53Hell of An Amen
You should do this story idea as a multi chapter story. I am intrigued by a good Alistair Crane story. Cute story and I love how Ethan lit into Rebecca.
1/3/2016 c1 Legolas' Girl 31
Awesome one shot, I loved it.


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