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9/22/2020 c5 Guest
please update soon
9/21/2020 c5 1iGorila13
I hope you come back and write some more chapters! It’s really good
9/19/2020 c5 Guest
Look forward to the next chapter
9/13/2020 c5 1Lilomaus223
Great chapter. I hate that they don't trust skye, but i think this is a great chapter because we finally met Nat and Clint. I hope they will rip Coulson and the Team a new one. Oh and I can't wait to see Clints reaction to being a father again
9/12/2020 c5 amm
This is an interesting story and I look forward to see what will happen next . How will Clint and Natasha react? How will the team?
9/12/2020 c5 Tamara
Yes Natasha and Clint finally make there entrance
9/12/2020 c5 Cinty
I loved AND i need More please
9/12/2020 c5 Guest
9/12/2020 c5 Ludy
Great chapter Love seeing that this story’s been updated. looking forward to reading the next one.
9/12/2020 c5 Chloe
Good chapter
9/11/2020 c5 4Runereader of the Nightwings
Oh Look a Wild Task Force Delta has appeared! What do you do!
9/11/2020 c5 CM6SHIELD6PLL6
Looking forward to the next chapter!
9/11/2020 c5 Lonely oncer
this was such a good chapter! keep up the good work and update soon please!
9/11/2020 c5 binhacunha3
Very Good
9/11/2020 c4 Juggernout
Cracow is in Poland, not Germany. Just a small correction. A new chapter brilliant as always.
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