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for Fostering Secrets

9/6/2020 c4 Guest
Please update soon
9/1/2020 c4 Guest
look forward to the next chapter
8/29/2020 c4 Ludy
Please update soon I’m this is getting better and better
8/29/2020 c4 Cinty
I loved i need More soon please
8/28/2020 c4 1Lilomaus223
Love it. And let me guess,they save Client and Natasha. Can't wait to See the Teams reaxtiob and what her Relationship with Natahsa will be like. Hope you will Update soon. LOVE IT!
8/28/2020 c4 Guest
8/28/2020 c4 the little bookworm princess
two agents def nat and clint can't wait for the big reveal!
8/28/2020 c4 chloe
Nice chapter
8/27/2020 c4 Tamara
I was happy to read the newest update can’t wait for the agents retrieval and reveal. Please update soon
8/27/2020 c4 dixie326
I think I know who the two agents that got captured are, lol. Can't wait to see the reactions of Skye, Clint, and Natasha when they see each other on the plane and the team's reaction to Skye's relationship to Clint and Natasha.
8/27/2020 c4 binhacunha3
Very Good
8/27/2020 c4 SkyeIsTheLimit84
I'm so curious
Don't keep us wanting long.
8/27/2020 c4 Guest
please, dont keep us waiting too long, this is awesome!
8/26/2020 c3 chloe
Good chapter
8/22/2020 c3 4Runereader of the Nightwings
Ah Yes. Timing is always impecably horrible with Skye's life.
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