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for Is His Life Worth The Fight

12/30/2019 c1 ddddaaaae
sesshomaruandrin . blogspot . com
sesshomaruandkagura . blogspot . com
4/6/2019 c3 7diefire554
next chapter comes soon huh?
11/19/2017 c3 Guest
I like this plot it seem that other countrie going to fight in these war some who become a war world 3
9/23/2017 c2 Guest
6/3/2016 c2 62shy2call911
also i vote no pairing :D be original
but if you rlly wanna do one then RxA bc it's pretty unpopular.
6/1/2016 c2 Miss. Yuki Blossom
Romerica please. I love this paring.
5/31/2016 c2 7JessicaStarCrossed
Well, I think that Prussia X Romano would make quite the pair and so does he and America. I leave the choice up to you and well done, I enjoyed every bit of it.

- JessicaStarCrossed
5/30/2016 c2 SweetHoneyBee
Got to say, I've never seen a fanfic like this before. And it's so awesome (Prussia style). Romano is dying because he didn't want Feli to die but at the same time, he doesn't want to die as well. It's so bittersweet-both options would end up having one dead. Therefore it builds up suspense on what will happen next especially what had happened now on chapter two wherein America's proposing an alliance to South Italy. Yeah, a lots of countries would be drag in this one. As for the pairings, I'm good for both Romerica or Prumano because Spamano's already too common. It would be nice to have him paired with others as a change. Anyway, nice chapter!
5/30/2016 c2 7NekoRyuuKo
Can I just say I love this idea and storyline? This is so cool aand I can't wait for the next chapter! If you're doing pairings I'd like to see Romerica or PruMano, but only if you wanna write it like that. Again, this is very well done!
5/30/2016 c2 11gdesertsand
Finally! I have been waiting for a long time now for this to be updated! Personally if there will be pairings that will happen in the future I want it to be PruMano or Romerica. It's just my opinion. Hope to see another update soon!
1/4/2016 c1 2Crimson cat angel
Really good!

Can't wait to read more

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