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for humanity's dark secrets

12/30/2020 c19 Guest
This has giga potential
10/27/2020 c19 Guest
Are you ever going to update? The story has incredible potential, there could be an actual lore. The only thing that's a problem is the grammar but Grammarly can fix that easily, otherwise just give it to a reader.
8/4/2020 c19 ZexyZane
PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU TO CONTINUE THIS!... pretty please :)
4/12/2020 c19 Guest
Please continue the story.
4/9/2020 c19 Guest
Great, it look like Finn will go to his first quest as hero.
I wonder what the man from Finn dreams/ memories did to Finn. Does Finn get some kind of power that he will unlock much later?
Also that scene with the strange man (from the dream of Finn with his mother), this make me think it happened at the fall of human wich happened a thousand years ago because it look there were attacked.
So it must be during the war. So how did Finn survive that long? Was Finn cryogenised? Time Travel? Magic? And how did he end in Mt Boom Boom? Did somebody just drop him there? Or it happenned 15 year early. If that the case i hope Finn mother still live maybe among the robot maybe as a queen.
2/23/2020 c19 Guest
Love the sword. Does that mean Finn will not have his other swords? Like the night sword, the blood demon sword, the grass sword ( i thought the seed gived by Huntress would become the grass sword) and the Finn sword wich merge with the curse of the grasse sword and become Fern. I hope that Finn will go to some humain city and discover other artefact.
2/18/2020 c19 viewer143
Nice story. I love how Finn need to hide himself. But the speech of Wildberry princess of Finn being a humain was a bit forced. Was there a need to mention them if there are exctint?
It look like Finn get the attention of a lot of women after his five year, i am not againt it.
Now if he could get the attention of Bonnibel, Marceline and Phoebe like in the wedding or helping with the computer to learn about humans.
For stealing the book, it's not like the Ice King need that anymore, being alive thousand of year, he already know the spell in the book. And Finn could always give him back once he learn the spell. But for the city of thieves, he is already a thief.
Will Finn use his new ice power on his sword? That could be useful in the fire kingdom to turn his sword into a ice.
Will Finn learn other power? Phoebe could Teach him fire magic and Marceline shadow magic and Bonnibel will surely teach him science once they know Finn true nature.
1/14/2020 c19 Guest
Love this fic.
Is Finn going to get more human artifact?
I wonder how the Lich King react to the fact a humain live. I hope this will be better than Finn win because of love and the pull-over Bonnibel gave him.
Will you make Finn loose his arm?
As his two parents are dead, you could make the Lich King catch Finn arm in the fight and because of his death magic, Finn need to cut his arm to survive.
I hope he will develop telekinesis power like when he make that tower to get revenge at his dad.
1/13/2020 c19 Red342
What happened to the seed? Did Finn take with him? Did he plant it?
I hope that he kept his identity a secret but maybe for Phoebe, Marcy, princess bubblegum and Luna they could know.
If Finn save and take Phoebe with him after the wedding (i could see him do that), please don't ruin that like the show like in "Frost and Fire".
Is this a story Finn/Huntress or can Finn have a harem? (he need to preserve his species as the last human).
For the spell Book, i hope Finn learn more than ice magic.
Keep up this good story. Hope you update soon.
11/4/2019 c19 Guest
Will you give Finn the Enchiridion and the The Gauntlet of the Hero?
I hope Finn will use them more as main weapon instead of using it one time and being forgoten.

I hope you will do someting nice with Finn pasts lifes being a Catalyst Comet like give him special power.

If the King Lich is so powerful and he was a Catalyst Comet too, i think Finn could have be a lot more powerful if he learned Magic.
So, the ice ninja trick/ Magic is a good start.

How about making his sword (the one he already have or a futur sword/weapon) into the leftover of his past body (with the Catalyst Comet metal)?
You could have made him crash under where the tree is or near.

Is the ghost haunting the tree Shoko? If she Finn past life, i hope she will stay longer.
Was Carroll the cloud/water nymph part of the nymph that greeted Jake?
I hope you will update soon.
11/3/2019 c19 Guest
Great story.
I like that you mix OOO and AAA.
I love that sword.
Finn get ice power? Nice, so long he doesn't become the Ice Prince.
I hope he learn other magic ( huntress could teach him).
Could he use ice magic on his sword? That could be useful in the Fire Kingdom.
It would be better if the Ice Queen never see the true face of Finn if she does the same fanfictions than the Ice King.
Will we ever know how and why Finn end in Mt Boom Boom, later in the story?
And is the mother of Finn become a Robot like in the cartoon or did she die?
What happened to the seed Huntress gave him? It was 7 year ago. Will it become the grass sword?
11/1/2019 c19 Guest
I love this story.
Don't reveal Finn identity too soon. I prefer if it was Marceline or the Queen werewolf or Phoebe that discover that he is humain. ( For Phoebe, maybe make her see what he is but as she was imprisonning she will not know what he is).
I belive that Finn will go to the wedding of Phoebe and will surely have a crush on her, but will Huntress go with him? ( Whith her being a forest nymphe and the fire kingdom?)
I hope the robot will come soon and teach Finn some of his humain hystory.
Will Finn have a harem like in "He is mine to have"? I hope he will, as the last of his species he need to have many children.
And maybe make Finn immortal at the end of the story.
And please, make the Lich as the ultime boss of the story Finn will have to fight. I could see him fight him with his Sword in a epic fight.
9/10/2019 c19 10Reader
I liked the new chapter. I have read your story he mine to have. Will Finn have a harem? i hope he get one. It would be funny if flamme princesse fight huntresse for finn. At last there are water nymphe near his tree.
Could he get a fire wolf pup? He would be jealous of Jake.
Could huntress have a name? And pleas don't do the
cinnamon bun thing i hate him for streaming flamme princesse in the show.
9/3/2019 c19 Guest
Should huntress wizard have a real name? Huntress wizard feel more a title than a name and i doubt her parents name her that way. It's more a title she got wiht her old job.
8/2/2019 c19 Guest
This fic has been overall good but you are making essentially a mary sue ir marty stu forma that regard i mean justo his estatus as human lets him use the most powerfull weapons and he obtain that sword con his FIRST adventure what were The odds of that happening and he is not fighting or even trying to collect these artifacts they are just handed to him without even the intention of finding them besides is not recommendable to give him more power un the series he was tenacious and clever when it came to fighting villains out of his league of power like the lich thus showing that not everything un a fight is justo poder and strengh but alsó cleverness and i bet these artifacts will be some glob ex machina because it will save him and does he even have weaknesses or hes just straight up perfect but im just reader what do i know(btw the history is going good and i like it a lot this is justo a review you can do it as how you eant is still coming down cool though)
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