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for Just Because We're Roommate Doesn't Mean We Mate

10/5/2018 c12 MadameNullaRen
La cucaracha la cucaracha
ya no puede caminar
porque le falta porque le falta
una patita-VUELA ¬°PUEDE VOLAR !
10/5/2018 c9 MadameNullaRen
El capítulo mas corto del mundo...
10/5/2018 c8 MadameNullaRen
Hijikata is Hijikata
10/5/2018 c4 MadameNullaRen
Solo Gintoki para hacer enojar a los demas en especial Toshi
10/5/2018 c2 MadameNullaRen
Gintoki is Gintoki
6/24/2017 c12 1Vonnie.chi
shit it flies
4/7/2016 c13 4Scarlet Alapaap
Omg this is really hilarious! XD
1/5/2016 c7 26Justaway Ninja
Forgot to mention last time I love the fact that Gin's name is saved as Asshole.

It's just so adorable, even though normally I'd be inclined to think of this format of writing to be lazy. I can imagine everything happening vividly. You've definitely got their characters right. _
1/5/2016 c6 Justaway Ninja
XD Why.

Why do I find this so funny and adorable.

Love Gintoki's failed texting skills and total full on flirtation XD
1/5/2016 c3 Justaway Ninja
XD A little part of me want to complain about the fact that this is just conversation, but... It's such amusing conversation and so completely in character I just can't help but enjoy this and laugh.

Good job~ reading on. Those two totally need to be roommates. XD
1/5/2016 c13 nene
THIS IS GOOD OMFG! IT IS SIMPLE YET SO GOOD! why omg this is art..omg omg this is art! art of writinf

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