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2/23/2017 c2 19AndurilofTolkien
like this
5/5/2016 c1 29Eldhoron
This was interesting. If I didn't know of your head-canon I would say that Elrond was out of character yelling at his sons like that, but I do so I thought it was pretty good. ;)

Suggests: maybe you could put a page real or bold out your authors note? And you ha a typo in their

"you wold join him" I think that should have been "you would join him"

Can't wait to read the rest and see where this goes!
4/9/2016 c1 47LadyLindariel
This was a nice start although I am not sure why Elrond would be so harsh with Aragorn like that. I am very curious as to how this will unfold.

I did find some mistakes but otherwise I think for your first story this is rather good. Keep it up and don't quit!
2/5/2016 c2 1mactraver
Please update
1/6/2016 c2 mischimaus02
Amazing story, please keep on writing ;)
1/6/2016 c2 4Mirkwood Warrior
Ouch, poor Legolas. Thranduil will not be pleased at all! I hope someone finds him before things get too serious (have they already?)
I wonder why Thranduil was so angry with Legolas getting injured. I suppose he is his only son and heir, but still. Looking forward to reading more!
1/6/2016 c1 Mirkwood Warrior
Ooooh what a start! You instantly have me hooked I can assure you! This is really good. And intense. I like your style of writing. And your dialogue is not modern which is really good. I feel Elrond went a bit harsh on Aragorn. He only wanted to visit his friend :P Keep up the good work!
1/5/2016 c1 66Frodo's sister
Interesting story so far, and I can't wait till I read more. This is a good beginning with good grammar. You did a good job of displaying Elrond as an over protective father. Perhaps you can add more details to this story, and it could use an introduction.

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