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6/18 c16 Guest
Thanks for the update! I hope you've been staying safe with the pandemic.
6/17 c16 Itsmeseth
Oh my im so glad I came back to this fic, thank you for the update!
Once again the plot thickens. Flaky finally made a connection to Cuddles yeesss ive been waiting for this. I missed this mystery tension sm
6/16 c16 1LudicrousProcrastinator
Gah, I just spent my whole afternoon binging this. I feel like I'm reading a mystery visual novel, like Higurashi. It's not anything about your dialogue or plot, but the atmosphere. The feeling that there are things moving in the background, beyond what we can currently see. I'm so glad my hunch about Cuddles being suspicious was at least somewhat right (/suspicious/ being the keyword here, I think jury's still out on the culprit). You're really good at creating that suspenseful dread. It's a type of horror that the canon series physically can't do, but you pull it off seamlessly, and to great effect. It puts me on edge, and makes me fear deeply for Flaky's /relationships/. I don't feel like her life's in danger...but once this whole thing is over, /somebody's/ gonna be out as the culprit and it's gonna be someone Flaky knows and...big yikes. But who knows! Maybe with the coming updates, you could really strike some fear into my heart and make me seriously worry about Flakes' wellbeing.
6/7 c1 SteampunkLlama
Oh shiiiiiiit Cuddles

I'm so glad this is still continuing, you're amazing at creating suspense :OO
5/27 c15 Guest
Aaaaa I just binged this and omfg it’s so good! Like- I am legitimately invested in this story, I saw that it hadn’t updated in a while and was hoping to just check it out but I ended up leaving on a cliffhanger! Poor Russel?! My dude just wanted to vibe and he (probably) gets killed?! My boy- Anyways I think the that hurt Giggles could have been Cuddles mostly because earlier it says that Jane loved the dark eyed stranger, so assuming that Giggles is Jane, Cuddles would have had to been the dangerous one. There’s also how Flaky mentioned that he could have been ‘good at lying’ and how he seems to despise Flippy. Also could explain why he didn’t seem to want Flaky to keep investigating without the whole “jealousy” excuse. Anyways, thanks for writing this
2/17 c14 72Demonic Irken
So Flaky better watch Giggles closely from now on, or Flippy will get her. Interesting. Hope everyone is safe at the end of the story.
2/17 c13 Demonic Irken
It’s painfully obvious now that it is indeed Flipqy that is the culprit and the one trying to kill Flaky. There’s no way it could be anyone else at this point.
2/5 c12 Demonic Irken
Wow, this was intense! Every chapter is, but this one is especially crazy! I loved Flippy and Cuddles’ argument, and the very clear distrust they have for each other. Everyone is at each other throats now, and I know that it’s only going to get crazier!
2/5 c11 Demonic Irken
HA, I KNEW IT! I knew it was Fliqpy! But I bet everyone could be working together to keep the cause of Giggles’ fall a secret? That seems more likely to me. Everyone is a suspect now. Now I think it might have been that hiker Russell who pushed Giggles, and Cuddles killed him as revenge? So many possibilities here!

I also hate how Lammy is being so cold to Flaky,. because she doesn’t deserve to be treated that way, in my opinion.
2/5 c10 Demonic Irken
Oh wow, the sexual tension between Flaky and Flippy is so thick you couldn’t even cur it with a knife. Anyway, I think Flippy is manipulating her and twisting her around his finger. I still think that it was Fliqpy who injured Giggles and stole her necklace. It’s the only thing that makes sense now. But maybe that what you WANT me to think. This story is so captivating, even with all of the typos. Lol.
2/4 c9 Demonic Irken
Oh my god I think it might be Fliqpy!
2/4 c8 Demonic Irken
Oh gosh this is intense and I’m loving it! I really hope that Giggles will be able to tell Flaky what happened that day she fell, and that she can get the help she so desperately needs right now. I hope Cuddles can be trusted, as well. I do t know about that guy, though. Something is off with him.
2/4 c7 Demonic Irken
Lammy definitely needs to start being more positive around Foaky. She’s such a bitch! lol. Anyway, so Flippy found Giggles after she fell? That’s very interesting. I wonder what Giggles said to him when he found her, and I have a hunch that he might have heard her after all, and is just lying to Flaky now. And that note! Who wrote it? I think it’s a threat. No, it’s definitely a threat. Maybe from the same person who hurt Giggles. I think it was Flippy. Or even Cuddles.
2/4 c6 Demonic Irken
This is getting interesting! So now Gifgles is trying to tell her something. I wonder what it is. I can’t wait to find out! I also don’t trust Mrs. Joy. Something is definitely suspicious about her.
2/4 c5 Demonic Irken
I liked this chapter. I do think that Toothy will try to have sex with Petunia or something later on, he’s giving me the creeps right now. I wonder what they are all scared of at the end. Probably being reminded of what happened to Giggles. I wonder if any of them were there when it happened.
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