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for Before the Fall (Season One)

1/25/2017 c42 Guest
Wait wait wait... does Stanford ever make it back to his original dimension? O_O If so, what about Nadia and Violet?! If not, then what about the rest of the Pines family?! OnO Awwwwwh it's so sad either way!
1/25/2017 c42 Guest
Wait wait wait... so if that is how the story ends, then does that mean that Stanford NEVER gets back to his original dimension? Well, other than that little question, I really like this story! I got so damn invested and even though some things confused me (and still do), it was a wonderful experience and I thank the author highly for it! :)
8/2/2016 c4 Suggester17
Wow,I've only read 4 chapters and I'm already hooked! It just has that Gravity Fals feel,y'know?Please keep on writing and,I also have a suggestion,how about a dimension where everything is made out of food?just a random suggestion.
8/4/2016 c7 9allagenda
Our dimension is being taken over by Tonald Drump and Cillary Hinton... lol XD
8/3/2016 c42 orphaned0account
I'm just gonna say right off the bat: Bill, get your act together, you screwed up Starclops something awful.
Also, Jet Engine, I'm stealing your idea with the sticky notes lol
8/3/2016 c42 6Specter14
Lol that's an awesome idea... I should totally do that. Anyway this was cool! It was nice to read Bill's sarcastic and caps words again, lol. Can't wait for season 2! Keep on being awesome! :) :)
8/2/2016 c41 2Secretkemi
The storm will break, the pines will fall. A struggle for power to rule them all. One must stand, one must rise. But, is returning home really a prize?
Ooooohhhhhh, scary ominous code. Meh, its nothing! I mean, when was the last time something like that ever came true? Hahahahahahaa...ha.

But yay! Their all safe! Including stupid Mallory and her stupid Pokemon. Yeah, I love Pokémon and all, but they BLEW UP Ford & company, and CAPTURED ECHOS SOUL. I STILL CANT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT. IT WAS TERRIBLE AND I STILL CRY EVERY TIME.
But hey Bill! I have a question! Maybe two...
1: When did you and Starclops first meet? I dunno, that just sounds like a cool thing to know.
And 2: what is the number of your favorite dimension? Its not like I'm building a dimension hopper machine and want to go there... Heheheh... Heh...
But anyway, great last 5 chapters! Can't wait for the next one!
8/1/2016 c41 6Specter14
Oh gosh... Does that mean Season 1 is officially over? Wow, i remember when I first started reading this awesome story! I had no idea of what would happen... It doesn't feel like that long ago...
So Echo will be at rest then? I hope so... I hope Ford and his group can somehow know that her soul isn't trapped anymore.
Welp thanks for making this incredible story and I can't wait for Season 2! :D
7/31/2016 c40 Specter14
Wow xDDDD The baby sounds so adorableeeeeee! And it's so awesome that they're finally settling down to raise the baby... I wonder what sort of shananigans will happen in Dimension 52! It kinda reminds me of Full House, you know, a large group of people all living in one place together, taking care of a kid. Anyway I can't wait for the next chap and by extension, season 2! :) :)
7/31/2016 c40 orphaned0account
I legit cried thinking of Ford holding his baby. Feels trip!
7/28/2016 c39 48Aaronna
Too many deal...
7/27/2016 c39 6Specter14
Hahah Starclops... It's still so sad she has to hide her feelings with her craziness... Anyway great chapter! I can't wait to heat about the baby next chapter! :) :)
7/20/2016 c38 Specter14
Lol, Dork Vader xDDD And I feel bad for Starclops... I kinda knew from the beginning that she had something to hide, and that was the reason she acted so immature and weird... Anyway I can't wait for the next chap! :)
7/15/2016 c37 Specter14
Oh goodness... That was deep man xDDD Man hopefully Ford's legs can still be healed with Nadia's powers? Cause he walked in Weirdmaggedon so either he got prosthetics or idek. Also you know a fanfic's good when there's fanfiction of that fantfiction! xDDDD I've only seen that like one other time... Props to you! Anyway... Please update again soon! :)
7/15/2016 c37 35PFDroids5198
Thanks for mentioning my story. I really appreciate it.
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