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8/27/2021 c131 40Serena530
Hi there. I’ve read through this series a number of times since I decided to add it to my favorites, but this is the first time I’m reading through it carefully; even reading you author’s notes.

That is why I’m reviewing now. This oneshot, What Price the Hero - The Beginning After the End of the End, is a good one and I haven’t seen it among your other stories so I figured it never made it to its own multiple chapter story. Either that or it just hasn’t gotten posted yet.

Anywho, I just thought I’d let you know that I’m interesting in seeing it become a new story if it’s not too late since I have no idea when you first posted this particular oneshot.

Beyond that I hope you continue to update this series and your other unfinished stories. I really enjoy reading them and your finished Harry/Ginny stories.
2/23/2021 c224 1Angel the Wizard
That took forever, but I'm finally finished with this. This was a great series of one-shots :)
2/23/2021 c217 Angel the Wizard
What a unique take on Harry's marriage life. I liked it :)
2/16/2021 c213 Angel the Wizard
Lol that end was funny
2/13/2021 c212 Angel the Wizard
I'm confused as to why she was mad at him.
1/22/2021 c224 David Bruce
well this is the last entry in the most recent "story " I've been able to find, so I'll just leave this missive in hopes you will find it.
First, THANK YOU. Can't say how much I've enjoyed your efforts.
Second , I 've noticed you've had to pause your efforts due to computer problems a number of times. Should that happen again please txt me. I have assorted usable laptops around and would be happy to send you one. Txt 615-545-2507 . I know you can't/don't receive compensation for your fanfiction but this would just be me contributing to the production of something I enjoy.
Sent in hopes you are well and can get this D.B.
1/12/2021 c199 Angel the Wizard
I'm... Actually pretty happy he didn't become an auror. Ginny shouldn't have to worry about him all the time in that job :)
1/12/2021 c197 Angel the Wizard
What friends they are if they can't accept Harry saving Ginny.
1/12/2021 c191 Angel the Wizard
I find it adorable how Ginny doesn't think she can live without Harry :)
1/10/2021 c224 alondrizdiaz
Hi i have read all yor Stories and i loved, but in some ones you dont continue can you please continue in Saving the Savior and the other on Harry and ginny union of soul but young where he is 13 and 12 years old and also that of him hero of no one the truth I really like and I would like it to continue also I like your one shot are beautiful hopefully you can continue
I'm sorry I'm alo and I'm mexican
1/7/2021 c177 Angel the Wizard
I love them so much together :D
1/7/2021 c176 Angel the Wizard
Loved this
1/1/2021 c173 Angel the Wizard
Not sure if you realized but this is a repeat one-shot it seems from 167- Goblet of Fire
1/1/2021 c167 Angel the Wizard
WHAT AN ENDING XD I had to suppress my laughter to not wake anyone up lol
1/1/2021 c166 Angel the Wizard
I don't understand why, if his parents were still alive, how that would have prevented him from meeting Ginny?
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