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3/28 c1 Guest
Make more chapters please!
3/7 c2 Guest
Love the way this story is going
3/7 c1 Guest
Awesome fight scenes
2/6 c3 Guest
rinnegan sasuke lose to superboy is insanity
1/14 c10 Guest
The romance is corny with a dash o cheese that was a lil rushed

but its okay i guess

Still like barbraxsasuke more tho cuz he opened up to her a lil more
1/13 c3 Guest
Would sasuke even get knocked out by a super punch? Cuz he’s been through worse
10/19/2020 c20 Guest
Meh this chapter was okay i guess
10/19/2020 c21 Guest
Bad story
7/10/2020 c20 xNightShroudx
okay ya kinda shouldn't be using google translate, cause the Japanese itself isn't how sasuke speaks. People always assume using watashi is somewhat normal but it's not. The proper way that Sasuke usually refers to himself is always ore wa. Hope this helps and that you should rely too much on google to get the job done.
4/25/2020 c17 Guest
I’m stunned by the how much more better this stori gets even the writing as English is not my first language it still great to see how progress your story gets after a chapter 6 especially
4/25/2020 c2 8G O G E T A 9 0 0 0
First off, Plot is Plot and i needed Madara alive, the story explains that they were trying to prevent the Rinnegan from ever being obtained again to stop the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Had Hagaromo and Hamura left behind more detailed notes, Madara never would have succeeded. And it was the futal lords not the Kage who decided to keep him alive, the lords being far less violent.
Secondly, you need to come to the understanding that every single action Sasuke took in Naruto Part 1 and 2 was all based on Itachi and his actions during the Uchiha purge; he spends the better half of a decade obssessed with gaining power to kill Itachi. He only followed Orochimaru because he saw Itachi as the greater evil and, just like he ended up doing anyways, he always knew that once he was strong enough to kill Itachi, Orochi wouldnt be too hard to defeat. When training with Batman, his fundamental nature has already been shifted drastically, he doesnt have anyone to go after, his obsession is quelled so being out smarted by Batman would result in an explosion of emotion we probably havent seen from him other than when he fights his brother.

Third, i used the name Pain not because it sounded edgy or whatever but, because Sasuke didnt come from My Hero Academia, he isnt trying to come up with some complex deep meaning to his name, he isnt and has never been sentimental even for his brother, we dont see him ever doing anything even close to sentimentality when it comes to his familiys murder.

Fourth, Superboy should be capable of punching faster than bullets bare-minimum and Sasuke needed his Lightning Release Cloak to travel that fast, he was also underestimating everyone because of how strong he was. He holds back in future chapters and there are consequences to it.

Finally, i think you should read more of the story than 3 chapters before making in depth responses. In future chapters its made clear that Sasuke suffers from PTSD, hes had a main goal for nearly his entire life which all led to the finale war which was now over. Only, he's not in his world so he cant just walk off into the distance and live the life he lives in Boruto. This new world has languages he needs to learn, technology he needs to figure out, mannerisms, and most importantly laws that didnt exist in his world. Most of the story follows Sasuke going through the canon and also struggling to maintain relationships as he attempts to adjust to the PG-13 world he now lives in being Cartoon Network S1 of YJ, S2 is a little darker, and S3 outsiders goes all out with the adult violence that Sasuke is a bit more accustomed to.

Imagine being bred as an orphan soldier trained to kill without being seen or heard since you were a toddler, now you've got the angst of a teenager and your forced into a world where kids are placed in pre-schools and given juiceboxes, they study letters and numbers instead of kunai trajectory.
Sasuke quite literally goes through several anxiety and existential based panic attacks through the story.

My advice is never write off a story you say has a great concept just because you didnt like the first two chapters all that much. good stories take depth, depth takes development, character development takes time.
4/25/2020 c4 Guest
im so disappointed you roped in naruto. and giving him the sharingan? nah man the story was pretty good until that im done reading
4/23/2020 c3 1Outgund
You need to decide on a power level for Sasuke and stick to it. He can outrun the batplane running hundreds of miles and hour but he can't dodge a punch from superboy? Why didn't he just use substitution? I feel u just made him lose in order to stick to Canon but that scene isn't necessary. Would have been better to have him subdue superboy or come to a draw and then the team manages to talk him into leaving with them like in Canon.
4/23/2020 c3 Outgund
This is a really good concept but I feel it is limited by several factors. First, the way you explained madara's survival was beyond stupid. The Ninja alliance would never leave him alive and imprisoned. A better way to explain it I think would be him escaping right after the battle, maybe with the help of black zetsu. A second factor is the way you have depicted Sasuke. Him undertaking the moniker of pain I think is not in line with his character at all and makes no sense other than for the purpose of your own wish fulfilment. He would be more likely to use his own clothes post orochimaru or just the cloak and mask without the paint. A better name would be something to honor his brother, like karasu which means crow in Japanese according to Google. Third, the depiction of his emotion is lacking. I feel like he just bursts out and yells for no reason, and more effort needs to be taken in explaining his emotional state and why he has his outbursts other than he yells and craters the training room because. I feel he would not be upset with learning from Batman after all, he followed orochimaru for power so why would he freak out about someone besting him during training? Like I said, this story has a great concept and I hope this review helps a little. If you disagree that's fine and I'll fuck off.
4/20/2020 c21 Guest
Story is phenomenal and anyone who thinks it’s incompetent probably couldn’t tell their own mouth from their a**hole
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