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for The Third Generation Meets Its Elders

1/10/2016 c1 74The Hope Lions
Can there please be more to this?
1/9/2016 c1 Guest
I love this soooo much so far! I think the idea is amazing and I would love to see you continue it before the next movie!
1/9/2016 c1 22SaphiratheBlueDragoknight
Do not wait till the next movie or people will forget about this fic. Just make it that Rey is unsure about her parentage, or simply keep it vage.
1/9/2016 c1 2northwatcher
You're seriously going to wait for the next movie?! That's a bad joke right?! :D :D I find this fanfic with great potential and it would be waste to wait so long.
1/9/2016 c1 WeylandCorp 4
So far so good!
1/9/2016 c1 1tsk91
holy crap. This is great!
1/9/2016 c1 1MaryLeboneFirst
Great start :) i can't wait for more. They Finding out about future, all Order, they will be shocked :D
1/8/2016 c1 JediGaladriel
Oh please please add more to this! This has such great potential! Please continue!
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