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11/30/2020 c12 1Lyra Cassiopeia black
so when's the next update golden28
8/6/2020 c12 34spnfandom8
I absolutely loved reading this fic and cant wait to see what happens next! your writiing is fantastic and I love how everything flows without needing to reread or there beingg any confusion on the timeline or where people are or whats happening. which is something ive realised happens a lot within fanfiction writing, even if the plot is good (yours is fantastic) there tends to be a lot of confusion on where and when and who and how things are happening. there also tends to be a ton of grammatical errors or the pace of the story is way too fast or slow or the characters are way too out of character for me to connect with them. that was kind of a long rant, sorry, either way. I adore fanfiction there is just a lot of stuff to wade through before you get to what you really love or are looking for. THIS story is what I'm always looking for in crossovers. I LOVE crossovers. so much. and I adore your style and your world and relationship building. immaculate. I cant wait to read what happens next! I hope all good things for derek and Hermione!
8/2/2020 c12 aquamarine1788
Omg I love this so much! It’s so well written and Hermione is absolutely amazing, please update again soon!
7/15/2020 c12 Josephinejays
oh no please continue, i need more
7/13/2020 c12 jhfviuhvoinv
Fuck I love this story! Please keep up the amazing work!
7/12/2020 c12 21AshLiz
Love love love this story. Hope you continue
7/7/2020 c12 Guest
I just want to say that I really like the work you’ve done with this story.
6/7/2020 c12 everything-is-black-and-white
Amazing story!
5/13/2020 c11 hastingstrinity04
I loved it!
5/13/2020 c12 Guest
Wait, couldn’t Hermione tell Rossi her theory too? He knows about magic now...
5/10/2020 c12 6NorthernLights25
I just fell back into loving this crossover between fandoms and this story is so well done! I just reread the whole thing. Great job with the world-building and relationship-building!
4/23/2020 c12 LauraB90
this is a really interesting story, I hope you update soon!
4/21/2020 c12 Sora Loves Rain
Oh my gods! I LOVE this!:D Can't wait till the next update!:)
4/17/2020 c3 2JannaKalderash
I’d have socked her for what she did, and Knocked out a few teeth.

But that’s just me.
4/10/2020 c12 hastingstrinity04
I can't wait for more!
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