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8/8/2020 c17 Without Pity
Dude...the hell? I'm gonna forgo my usual mode of review where I split this into structure, plot, etc., mainly because I doubt my ability to TYPE COHERENTLY THROUGH MY TEARS! My God! Put a feels-warning on this thing, won't you? lol I joke, but only barely. What a story! What a gut-kicking, heart-wrenching love story!

I am reminded of Flowers for Algernon, and the utter heart-break I felt upon first reading it. A man (reploid, in this case) granted a (comparably) brief glimpse at something wondrous and beautiful, only to watch it slowly crumble before his eyes until he can only barely remember the particulars of the thing, and only the memory of the feeling itself remains. He cannot even recall the name of his great love, only that they did love. "Loved with a love that was more than love," such that even the memory of it sustains him in the twilight of his existence. Whew. Actually having to stop and dab at my eyes, not kidding.

Beautiful story. Seriously, you nailed it. Tearing my very heart out yet somehow leaving me feeling uplifted in a way. I feel like I'm going to be carrying this one with me for a while. Bravo!
6/25/2020 c17 4CrystalRei
You know, when I started reading this chapter I was wondering why Andrew never gave a name for his SO. Then that last line happened and ow. Punch in the gut.

I love that in her last day it came back to her singing. That seemed like such an important part of her character/her and Andrew's story and I felt it was really fitting. I found the whole sequence bittersweet, but strangely not... sad? Not that I necessarily think it should've been; I suppose in fact it makes sense with how much time has passed.

Thanks for writing and sharing. :)
6/25/2020 c16 CrystalRei
There's a little chibi Ciel in my mind's eye right now thanks to this chapter and she's so stupidly adorable. A bit like Alouette 2.0. Though Ciel was probably first so 1.0? 0.5? Something lol.

I liked the bit where you touched on Ciel being 'born with a purpose', basically. Can't fully articulate my thoughts on it, but I can appreciate what you did with it.
6/25/2020 c17 203Kessie-Louise
I think I've followed this story since you first published it. It quickly became one of my favorite stories on this site, and I was sad when it went into hiatus, and I was more than overjoyed when it came back again. This story is one of the best stories on this site; well written, good interactions, the whole nine yards.
To anyone in the future that comes across this review and gets the spoils of reading this story in its entirety from start to finish, please do so! You'll never regret it.
1/16/2018 c11 4CrystalRei
This is really good, plain and simple. I think you did Andrew's characterization really well. I don't know who he's talking to - not like it matters - but I think it might be Zero? I mostly base that on the first line of the second paragraph in chapter three ["No... they weren't like /your/ first days, or our young comrades'"], and the mission comment later.

Which makes the visual of the ending line in the first chapter even more hilarious than it already was.

I really liked the idea of reploids spending their couple months of "childhood" in facilities like you described in Three; it's much like my own headcanon and really it makes a lot of sense - Let's be honest, there's only so much you can pre-load (and expect the reploids to figure out how to use the knowledge).

Your imagery throughout the story of life outside of Neo Arcadia is a really great - if sad - picture (especially in Four). It's not something I've thought much about - figured X would try to gather as many people as possible into the "last city" of Neo Arcadia, but your version really works.

You also did a really good job of conveying emotion, especially in this latest chapter. All in all, excellent work. :)
8/25/2017 c11 6J23K
Time is a giant b****

Great job as always!
7/12/2016 c5 Guest
very sexy, well done
1/15/2016 c2 Guest
What. I didn't think. This is taking place during Zero games? Andrew is... reploid, I presume?
1/10/2016 c2 J23K
I think this is even better than the first one loool. You've painted a really vivid picture of two separate worlds in conflict - one from a healthy background and one from a poor - and then the plight of the woman lool. I've actually just come back from work so checked my e-mails and then I saw this alert and I was like 'huh I'll probz check this out' so I'm writing this from my phone. It's like every detail has been carefully selected to paint the picture you want to paint. The generality of the words used (nude and flush) gives only the reader what they need to do whilst still painting incredibly sensory pictures! And then the final line sheds light on situations that make me empathise with this woman and really feel for her. And it takes me paragraphs to do that and you did it in one line lool!

Applause Kaguya. Honestly, I have no idea why I enjoyed these two so much and I couldn't tell you even if I wanted to but well done anyway.
1/10/2016 c1 J23K
OMG this appealed so much to my brain GODDAMN. I'm so intrigued by this! Almost like a guided explosion of sensory detail that has a structure but at the same time is free-flow. Wow, I didn't expect such a creative take on your writing Kaguya you really are an incredibly talented author. I've re-read this first chapter several times now - and it reads like a poem more than a vignette.

I honestly have no idea why this is so appealing but it really is lool. The start about apotheosis and nominative and genitives flows incredibly hooked me all the way through the really engaging part about a song and then the peacock. So much is inferred even though so little happens WOW. 10/10 Kaguya 10/10.

I can imagine this probz won't be for everyone though :/

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