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12/16/2022 c35 8Hereward the White
As soon as I saw the title of this work I knew there would be interesting moments involved. You teased a lot with some of the effects of their presence, especially when the veheeril acted upon humanity to some degree; although a couple of them were slightly disappointing when the aftermath was presented as little more than a footnote.
12/29/2017 c7 69Fox Teen
Chapter 6
Finally I was able to get down to reading the next two chapters.

While this sixth chapter was rather confusing with all the change of characters, I like how you wrote them in their specific characteristics such as Holly's guilt of sleeping through the meeting and Bluebell assuring him that he is only getting old.

Chapter 7
The unloading scene was well-written and described.

I like the dialogue you wrote for Fiver and Vilthuril, debating on humans being good or bad.

As for that scene where Fiver got lured with that container of falyrah and took onto the train with his mate, that was also well-written and Myrna sounds like she knows what she is doing when it comes to rabbits. That passenger though, I got a bad feeling about him, he sounds like a right sociopath.

The end with Fiver and Vilthuril was very cute.

Onto the next chapter!
11/20/2017 c20 1Emerald the Rain-IceWing
Emerald here, and I'm back to reading this story after an especially awful bout of- Well, that's not important. I'm really enjoying this story so far, and I like how you added the funny ridiculousness and infighting in DarkHaven, but I have one question. WHAT IS DARKHAVEN? I've read Watership down and Tales From Watership Down, but I haven't seen the movie, or TV show, or whatever it is. So, if you could fill me in, that would be much appreciated. I understand if you're too busy or something. If you can't help me, I'll have to ask Granite-Rah, and it sounds like he's... um... a little bit strange upstairs. Thanks for the great stories! –Emerald
3/9/2017 c5 69Fox Teen
Again I have been busy with college and at last i found another chance to read this.

Chapter 4
Not much of a story is told with the chapter other than Fiver and Vilthuril escaping the humans. Bit however, it was nerve-wracking all the same and it was well-written as you saw the whole scene in your mind. The only bit of criticism is the conversation marks for the dialogue. While I can understand it, it catches attention to when somebody is talking.

Chapter 5
For the opening, it was funny with Pipkin bouncing on the bed. It really does fit the characteristics of how playful Pipkin is (television series at least). The entrance on the boat is a very eye-catching scene when the rabbits are introduced to the Big Water your own way - it was also funny Bigwig traumatised being sick on the bus and paranoid about being sick on the boat.
While the 'Tom-and-Jerry' chase about the kitchen was pretty funny (such as Hyzenthlay getting coated in cooking oil), I do hope Blackberry is okay. I can just picture the wounded character in my head.
It was also funny with the janitor getting framed for the chaos of the whole scene. I had always pictured something like this considering how smart and crafty they are.
11/28/2016 c3 Fox Teen
I'm sorry that I haven't read and reviewed in a while; I had my shows, college, assignments and rehearsals.
This was a really intriguing chapter, otherwise nerve wracking; the rabbits in the hruddudu was a really frightening vision and I coincidentally keep feeling as if I'm in scene and I fear road business. The scene with Bigwig being carsick was funny however (mainly because he is pompous and always acts tough and shows a weak spot which I see to be quite rare).
With the hruddudu sinking into the river, bee mesmerising. I couldn't help picturing the sinking of the Titanic reading that part.
What a cliffhanger you offer at the end; let's move on and see what they find on the boat.
8/20/2016 c18 2PineywoodsRabbit
Hello, this is dplutonium13 reporting to live secretly and quietly through my personal blog as we have finally made it to Australia. I got to say, I'm a bit disappointed P Sherman 42 wallaby way is not real. Anywho, today has been a great and unexpected day for I have a great update for you.
Well once we landed, I found out that the 5 wild rabbits were trying to escape, poor little guys, and I helped take them to the runway, and free them. I paid him 100 bucks for his troubles and said goodbye to the business man. I did sit a good distance away from the huddled rabbits, with only one rabbit who had ears blacker than the other rabbits, (I believe that is Blackberry from Watership Down, but still that can't be, right?) had looked at me and smiled and gave small wave at him, in which I think he did not mind. The supposed leader of the band seemed to have picked up a scent then and followed it with the band through the airport to the same metro station in which I captured on CCTV footage of the two familiar rabbits and other strange new rabbit. But it seems as if the band lost their scent, so followed them close by as they went walked alongside a Nearby road. They then stopped at a tour bus and went inside it. I thought they were crazy, yet somehow they here in Sydney,Australia;Not in England. As I was contemplating, the doors of the bus were about to close, yet I made it in just in time and paid the driver a little bribe to allow me on the tour,(What? sometimes you got to pay to play) And I in and sat behind the bus driver and I was about to put my luggage under the seat, but I saw the sam band of rabbits having a hard time to hide, including the Blacked eared rabbits. I put the luggage next to me and put a piece of fresh lettuce under my seat, and the blacked tipped ear rabbit went for it. I noticed the other band of rabbits was separately under other passenger seats. I noticed a lot of people recording them on their smartphones and photographing them. I decided to not follow in everybody's footstep, for I believe it was making the rabbits uncomfortable for I was only smiling and waving at them and think some of the rabbits had recognized me. Then the bus stopped and I looked around to see the famous thing Australia is known for, their Hrair rabbits. They were literally hundred around the tour bus, I think they were trying to destroy it, I think they were just tired of the load noise. Everybody was panicking and going to the back door of the bus while I sat where I was unnaturally calm, I lifted my feet so the Blacked tipped ear rabbit could join the other rabbits, but when a fire started, some of the rabbits went to the back, while I and the other rabbits went outside and I then sat on the grass next to the escaped rabbits.
They were many Australian rabbits around me leaving the flaming bus, but it had seemed they did not mind me at all, thank Frith for that. Then a looked to see that a little rabbit from the escapees was talking to black-headed seagull(Wait, that can't be Kehaar, man this is starting to look like the third sequel of Watership down, except around the world) and the gull left and came back with three rabbits at a time. And it seems now that rabbits and the seagull are huddled once again, I could have sworn I saw one of the rabbits from the metro leaving with the other Australian rabbits. Well it seems, I have to end my update next to these spectacular rabbits a distance away from the burning tour bus, thanks for watching my international investigation and Chao. ;)
8/19/2016 c17 PineywoodsRabbit
Hello, everyone. This dplutonium13 reporting live on my personal blog, well it seems my flight is approaching Sydney, Australia and I got a pretty interesting update for about the two rabbits on the other flight to Australia. With my skills of looking through a security camera, and the power of Hacking ( I swear, the NSA has me on some watch list by now) I capture the two rabbits leaving the plane they were in on the tarmac and went to the field. I lost them for a couple minutes until I re-captured them on camera heading towards the subway train with two new strange rabbits, one was as big the overweight Pipkin, the other was rather small. Then, it seems that they went inside the train and went under the seats. There seems to be a rise in strange rabbits, I wonder if they anything of Watership Down? Then after a while, the 4 rabbits exited the train, and then after messing with a tile went inside a secret tunnel. Hmmm, this is getting pretty interesting. I'll update you all as soon as I rejoin the rabbits here in my flight. Thank you for listening and following me and Chao.;)
8/10/2016 c16 PineywoodsRabbit
Great Chapter. Well, it seems that accidents happen and they did not seem to notice the Homba. It is also nice to see that I'm not the only one calling cats their Lapine name, pfeffa.
8/8/2016 c15 PineywoodsRabbit
Ha Ha Ha, yes, yes, Yes I did it, I found the rabbits yes, I found the connection. Dang, this is awesome. Ok, I tell you all everything. Hello, this is dplutonium13 reporting live from my personal blog back in my flight and leaving for Sydney, Australia. I have the best update for all of readers and viewers, ready? Well then, here we go; Ok my flight landed in New Zealand, land of the hobbit I would call it even though I've never read or seen the hobbit, moving on once the plane connected to the gate, I decided to follow the Business man the rabbits were trying to find back in Lima. I had hopeful feeling that if I were to follow this man, then I would find the herd of rabbits that were probably connected to the bus crash and the cruise ship fiasco. As I followed, I pretended to local journalist who was reporting on the New airport luggage system, and that saved me a couple of times when stopped by security while following the man, I brought my Minox spy camera to avoid suspicion and followed my target to the Luggage conveyor belt and found that he was very upset to see his luggage and papers damaged by their new system (I did recognize that the damage seemed to be caused by an animal with its claw marks and tooth marks, I believed they were caused by the rabbits in the cargo hold I was following, don't worry I took Pictures:), and then he made his towards the airport manager office and he then started arguing with the manager. I looked around but did not see the rabbits until the manager said something about the rabbits under the business man chair, and when I looked through the office window next to the door, I saw a group of rabbits under the chair, one of the bucks was growling at the businessman who had just spotted them. I secretly took pictures, and then I heard about that he would have to take them with him to Sydney, as he then said that he would need pet manager then his secretary to get the pet carrier's, and luckily with the help of my backstory and 400 new Zealand currency dollars (What, I got to be Prepared) I helped get the pet carriers and the carrots. I let her go in the office with carriers, and the rabbits in the cage just as expected. I followed Mr,Plunkett, as I just learned his name, and saw the manager give a paper and the rabbits and seeing that he was struggling to get a hold of them, and Offered to help him carry the rabbits into the plane, in which he thankfully accepted my help. I grabbed only two pet carriers, on the right pet carry was a doe rabbit who had shining fur, and the left pet carrier was buck who seemed to have a limp every time he moved in the cage, ( In my mind I thought these rabbits were from the Story Watership Down, But that can't be right, or maybe I was holding on to both Hazel and Hyzenthlay, I will have to look into it.) And once we put the carrier on the plane, the man thanked me and After a took a photo of each rabbit in the pet carriers and whispered told each of them that they would be alright and gave an each a small piece of an extra carrot I still had, I made my way back to my seat, and here we are, my amazing update, this was good day. I think I am going to take a short nap until we get to sydney. Thanks all of you for following in my international investigation, and I will update you soon, chao.;)
7/31/2016 c14 PineywoodsRabbit
Hello, this dplutonium13 reporting to you lives from the third class seat on my personal blog in my Boeing 787 Lan Airline, over somewhere in the pacific ocean. While everyone, resting and asleep, I have an amazing update for you all. I was scouring for any reports of any unusual problems on any flight in the area, that might have been caused by rabbits, and I found a Boeing 767 Air Canada flight that is showing some surprising data that there seems to be a tiny loss in cabin pressure, no doubt from a hole or rabbit size hole, I know it seems farfetched but I know it's the rabbits that were attempting to mind control the robbers. It has to be. Anyway, I going to take a quick nap and hope that the rabbits in the luggage compartment don't chew my luggage apart, and I will see you soon, chao my readers. ;)
7/30/2016 c13 PineywoodsRabbit
This dplutonium13 reporting to you live, from my own personal blog. Currently, I am sitting in a third class seat on a Boeing 787 Lan airline flight heading to New Zealand. I know what you're probably thinking, how In the world did go to Montreal to Lima and why was I there and I why am I leaving so fast? Be patient, and all your questions will be answered. First off yes, I was in Montreal, Canada Kayaking on the Lachine Canal until I got an update from the new friend on the cruise ship I was previously in that they were going to make the dock for lima tomorrow morning. With this, I remembered that if the rabbits that were causing mayhem are still abroad they can leave the ship into Lima, and become lost, then I would lose my connection. So I got on an Air Canada flight to Toronto and from there I was able to get another Air Canada flight to Lima, Peru. Once I got them It turned out that I Got their late and the rabbits could be anywhere. As I sadly left the Main Entrance, I witnessed a Commotion in a Taxi and Saw a business wrestling with a Business man, the man then left and I could have sworn I heard a rabbit squirming in the man's Luggage. And I saw a group of rabbits leaving and going off following a directing to the runway seemingly in search of something, that when I knew they were looking for the Man with the rabbit in the Suitcase. So I followed the Man through Jorge Chavez International Airport and collect a ticket to New Zealand, so I was luckily able to get a ticket on his flight, and As I was waiting in the terminal for boarding time, I looked outside the Taxiway to my flight as it was being filled with luggage and saw the same group of rabbits gets inside the Luggage compartment and that when I knew I was on the right Flight. I boarded the plane and passed the business who sat in the Business class of the plane, and we took to New Zealand and Here I am. That's my update. Now if you excuse, I going to watch the Third season Episode 3 of Watership Down, I love that show, on the Seat back tv of mine. For Now, I will update later, on my around the world adventure and story report
7/28/2016 c12 PineywoodsRabbit
Breaking News, it seems that I have indeed found another update for you, this dplutonium13 reporting to you live from San Francisco international airport in my video blog due to the fact that BBC news fired me.:( Luckily, however, the universe has been on my side since I have now received a large severance check and with the right amount of investing, I am now able to travel the world and report as I please, especially for this story. I was luckily able to escape the cruise ship in time to get here, anywho authorities are reporting that they have arrested a robbery suspect on a Boeing 767 Air Canada flight in which the suspect was trying to escape to. The connection was that he and his accomplice had been attacked in their minds, they believe a rabbit or animal was trying to do it. I believe these are the same 2 rabbits that went missing and I believe they did this to get themselves free, this dplutonium13 report from San Francisco and I will find the connection soon, just you wait, now I'm heading to Montreal, for I heard its good there this time of year. Chao;)
7/23/2016 c11 PineywoodsRabbit
"Those who agree of releasing them of all charges say, Yeas."
A third of a third of the warren was heard saying yeas.
"All oppose say nay."
Only Blackavar was heard saying Nay.
"The Yeas have it, the courts adjourned."
7/23/2016 c10 PineywoodsRabbit
This BBC Breaking news from a cruise ship I don't the name of.I wonder if you were making fun of the fact that in the show of Watership Down, Blackberry charecterr was turned into a doe. Wait a minute, maybe this story is a combination of The adaptations of Watership Down. And with this, there maybe a connection, this dplutonium13 reporting live secretly as security is trying to look for me as they I'm a "Stowaway". Any way, I got to run an interrigate Captain Broom for I believe to speak lapine uing the Google ;)
7/22/2016 c9 PineywoodsRabbit
This BBC reporter Dplutonium13 reporting live internally in California, Reports are saying that the first video of rabbits talking have indeed proved the existence on rabbit talking, It seems there may indeed be a connection to the bus crash in London. My boss thinks I'm crazy and I will probably lose my job, but I will prove theirs is a connection here and follow any updates anywhere in the world, reporting to you live from Richmond California. This Dplutonium13 BBC breaking news, and I'm going to enjoy some ice cream on the SS Red Oak Victory. Chao;)
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