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7/22/2016 c8 2PineywoodsRabbit
Three days later, HazelRah the human hasn't left I am going out to check said BlackBerry.
He hops from under the bed to check. It look safe enough, all of a sudden, a human arm is seen very quickly catching the screaming Blackberry who was never seen again.
7/21/2016 c7 PineywoodsRabbit
Awesome. Just Awesome, a human rabbit who cares for the safety of the rabbits, if only she had read the book, then that would have been interesting.
7/21/2016 c5 PineywoodsRabbit
This is one of (Notice how I said "One Of'' Their still more out there) the best Chapters themed adventure humor, drama, it's got everything, a cute pipkin jumping crazily in bed, the amazing raid at the kitchen, I mean Wow, this chapter is awesome, keep up the good work Chipster Roo.
7/21/2016 c3 PineywoodsRabbit
This is BBC Breaking News. It seems one of Google's many projects for self-driving vehicles has fell once again as today a self-driving double decker bus has crashed into the Thames River, no word yet if the group of rabbits is connected in any way to the crash moments before it sank in the river. We will bring you more updates as soon as we get them. For now, thank you. I am dplutonium13 reporting to you live from the Thames River, this has Been BBC Breaking News. Back to you Chipster-roo and Fox Teen.
7/21/2016 c2 PineywoodsRabbit
Very exquisite chapter, their now in a boat, Heading to perhaps I don't Know Manchester or I think London, who knows, Keep Up the Good Work.;)
5/29/2016 c2 69Fox Teen
Well this was a really interesting chapter. Fiver and Vilthuril taken to London. An evil place when it wants to be. The moments with the two was very sweet but just one nit-pick: wouldn't rabbits would have a very unlikely chance of being cold fun to their thick coats?
5/25/2016 c35 1Lauz-millz
I really enjoyed reading this story
It had so many twists and turns and it was very exciting. I am glad they all made it and brought friends back to, I especially liked spartina'a inclusion as she is one of my favourite characters
It was a very interesting story and very different to all of the other fan-fictions
It was very well writen and very descriptive
1/24/2016 c1 69Fox Teen
This is really well written. This looks like on heck of an adventure from the characters.
One question: Is Fiver's visions more portrayed in the book? Seeing that his visions in the series consist of him reciting poetry hinted what will happen.

I'm heartily sorry this is your first review. You deserve more.
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