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1/29/2020 c1 Honoria Granger
Too confusing. I kept having to check the date. Annoying. Sorry. Good luck with it.
6/23/2019 c6 9John Smith
What a sweet end! I just love how you write the relationships here. Very well done story overall. I appreciate how much detail and how many moving parts go together.

I'm still angry at Saeldur for not telling Legolas the truth about it all. Or Thranduil, even. Arahael is plotting Legolas's death as much as his father which leaves Saeldur still guilty of allowing it to persist. And with Arahael now grieving, wouldn't he be likely to make a foolish, rushed move? Especially if he thinks his father died trying to get it done NOW at all costs? It seems to me that now, more than ever, Saeldur is being a terrible person to say nothing. But hopefully, Arahael will stay back long enough for Saeldur to gain some courage and sense... haha sorry.

LOVE this whole plot line. It has drawn me in so much!
6/23/2019 c5 John Smith
Yes, I may number myself with the people who want to see Thranduil take action for once, but I see how well this came about and why. I can't argue. What an awesome chapter! I do hope to see Thranduil get a chance to channel his anger into action, but this was still AWESOME
6/23/2019 c4 John Smith
Such a great chapter! I just love your writing so much. The characters come alive in so many ways. I will say, it might be satisfying to see Thranduil punch Thorontur in the face. LOL
6/23/2019 c3 John Smith
Amaizing chapter and incredible writing! I had no suspicion that it was Melda. She was a bit like the Hobbit of the story. Hiding in plain sight. I adore that you threw me off so well!

One thing, and maybe this is just me, but I feel like Thranduil gives Saeldur far too much trust. I know he "proved" his loyalty to Legolas several times over, but in the face of so much distrust and fear, wouldn't the king doubt him as much as Thorontur or Celebwen? I suppose he's very wise, which makes sense, but his trust in Saeldur is still taking some suspension of disbelief on my part.

Even so, fantastic writing!
6/23/2019 c2 John Smith
Wow. I know families stick together but this is so sad to me. I'm loving your writing still and can't wait to read next!
6/23/2019 c2 John Smith
Wow. I know families stick together but this is so sad to me. I'm loving your writing still and can't wait to read next!
6/23/2019 c1 John Smith
Woah, this is intense. What a great start!
2/15/2019 c6 guest
11/1/2018 c6 13TheRedScreech
And so the schemes have come to a close. I guessed it was Melda in Chapter 2 when she pointed the finger at Calathiel. Still, though, there was a tiny part of me that suspected Calathiel because everyone else did. Most of it was for Melda, though. Sneaky wretch. You wrote that sequence beautifully!

And poor Saeldur! He really does need to come clean - hopefully in the final installment, yes?

Thank you for writing!
6/18/2018 c6 6Desmothenes87
Really enjoying this story arch. Although someone needs to smack Saeldur upside the head and tell him he is not the brilliant conspirator he thinks he is. And he would save himself and everyone else a lot of grief if he just tells Legolas and Thranduil the truth. Before the guilt eats away at him. Because he seems like he’s a step away from having a nervous breakdown, and because he should have realized by now that he is not doing Legolas any favors by trying to keep playing along. Assuming by all the hints you dropped about people saying that later they recalled Saeldur’s odd actions and words that in another story he will finally have to confess to what he did. But everything has to work out in the end because in Murder in the White City everyone is friends again. Hope you finish that story and looking forward to your next ones.
3/23/2017 c6 5Alanic
I really enjoyed this story. I am still unclear about Saeldur's part in all of this. I will have to go back and read a few of your other stories - maybe that will clear it up. On to the next one!
3/22/2017 c2 Alanic
This is a complicated mystery with a lot of twists and turns and I am loving it! I found the sequel to this story and decided to read it first. Good thing I did! I can't wait ro read more!
8/17/2016 c6 5TimeturnerJay
I'm finally caught up! :D This arc was great, even though the many timeskips could be somewhat disorienting from time to time. Still, I enjoyed it a lot and I really look forward to the next arc! Considering that Arahael was still plotting when Estel met him for the first time, I'm assuming that the final installment will have Aragorn in it? It would be really cool if it would take place during Legolas' time in Ithilien, because then we could see his "new" mortal friends play a part as well! But whatever you have planned, I'm sure it will be very good.
7/12/2016 c6 38RoboTitaness
I really hope you continue to write in LoTR universe. I love your stories!
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