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7/4/2016 c1 zekeschance
You captured everything that Sam was going through so clearly in this. Excellent job. Thank you.
5/30/2016 c1 4cfccfc
Oh, this was so well done. Chilling, desperate, threatened and finally hopeful, you captured all those feelings from "The End" so well. Thank you.
3/12/2016 c1 ziggy.uk
Wow, great job, you really nailed this and pure genius that you interspersed happy childhood memories
2/13/2016 c1 67CornishGirl
I missed this! So glad I found it!

What a lovely use of the vessel story and that garden scene in "The End," where Sam-as-Lucifer was so terrifying, and the reunion at the bridge after Dean had been so cold about them picking a hemisphere. As always, a very clear, straightforward style that captivates with its simplicity and nuances, and understated emotions. It's so tempting to tilt toward the overwrought with the boys when the scene and/or story is so fraught; this is a very nicely calibrated retelling and extrapolation.
2/4/2016 c1 607K Hanna Korossy
That's...really painful to read. I won't dwell, just to say, you did too good a job.
1/14/2016 c1 SPN Mum
This was an interesting view of what might have happened to Sam while he and Dean were apart, what Sam might have tried and why he ended up letting Lucifer in, in that future that Dean was made to see. Sam would never have said 'yes' if he hadn't lost Dean, so it's a good thing that Dean saw what could happen, and changed his mind about being with Sam. Nice story. :)
1/12/2016 c1 45kylermalloy
That was absolutely beautiful! I love your writing style; it's very mature and sophisticated, yet sincere. I love the flashbacks you've invented-they're so close to being canon I can't tell the difference! And I have to admit, I'd never considered that Sam was present for the exchange between Lucifer and Dean in 5x04, but the way you wrote it really contributed to the emotion of the piece. :-) All in all, this is a lovely piece of prose and I'm really glad I came across it!
1/12/2016 c1 Jily4
A trip down memory lane through Sam's eyes. Lovely story and thanks, I hadn't thought of that epi in awhile! I loved the little insights to younger years and how they contrasted against, but shaped, the present...so to speak!
1/12/2016 c1 7NoilyPrat
Love your tidbits of life with the two boys, and how happy they were. Like also the reading of the King Arthur book, and how Sam felt bad. Lucifer, of course, doesn't want his vessel to be bad... The whole interaction between Lucifer and Sam was well done. Seeing Dean through Sam's eyes... Feeling the Colts bullet, and then not dying... And knowing at the end Sam was where he belonged.
Everything was brilliantly written, thank you.

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