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for Darth Vader: Hero of Naboo

12/5 c7 Marce7411
It had taken Pasje quite a bit of time to realize what Vader had said :D
12/5 c6 Marce7411
Vader being Vader, well put.
12/3 c3 Marce7411
Jar jar staying near Vader because he cool air around him is kinda hilarious.
12/2 c2 Marce7411
It is very in character for Vader to just shrug and ignore consequences of disrupting timeline, it also mąkę this more unique then most time travel fics overall; character wich have no issue with breaking timeline up.
12/2 c1 Marce7411
Fun do long
11/17 c14 6AllHailThe99th
Kill Shitious off! Palpatine is such a little bitch.
11/17 c12 AllHailThe99th
I absolutely love the possibility of Dooku befriending Obi-Wan.
11/17 c4 AllHailThe99th
I love that Yoda and Mace Windu sense the fact that Vader doesn't feel rage or hate directed towards the Jedi. Hopefully they're able to have reasonable conversations with Vader.
11/9 c3 LongingResider
You set it proper, it's always Tattooine. This is the point in the story where engagement happens.
11/6 c23 5thebestofall
Seems I was wrong about Vader wanting to work with Plagueis. Looks like he wants the Jedi to take out both of them. But if they're having so much trouble with just Sidious, then they're screwed.
11/6 c14 thebestofall
Oh, I see. Basically Vader is distracting the Jedi so that Plagueis can handle Sidious.
11/4 c32 Dravidan
I like the small details you include like tossing the grenade up to test gravity before throwing
11/3 c27 7Cobalt027
Wait is that boba or jango?
11/3 c11 LongingResider
""Ha! True, but no. He's a Force-wielder that was present while this Trade Federation invasion took place," Kit Fisto reminded.

"Hmm, he could be behind that," Oppo Rancisis pointed out idly. "Playing both sides to obtain an outcome in either's victory.""
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

really got the nail so close.
11/1 c17 Cobalt027
He is not wrong, the Sith code, the true version of it was that of being free, the freedom to chose their own path, their own alignment, their own fate. Yes that has darkened and been twisted but if one really reads the codes, you can see how sapient life would almost always follow a mix of both codes while leaning more to the Siths code. And it all comes down to a few things. Emotions, attachments, and free will.
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