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for Darth Vader: Hero of Naboo

5/5 c24 Yes assume
You can continue this and
Yes Lord Vader can survive te next chapter because he does not have two Brats too deal with
5/5 c24 eman3232
oh damn this always gives me either chills or has me howling like a monkey because of how amazing and well written this is
5/4 c24 Guestinator
Only issue with Sidious if how Yoda nearly soloed him and still managed to leave pretty much unscathed from their battle. This was Yoda with the prep time we see here on top of that, now you add the likes of Windu or others?

No, Sidious is acting like he is in Legends while the rest are in Canon. He should have been far more desperate and injured along with being near exhaustion. Made all the worse by him having to fight Plagueis before while the main ones fighting him are fresh.

I swear if Vader can't or won't stomp him I'll call it you needing some evil canon based villain to hold on to so you can write at all instead of truly going off the rails long term. Vader knows him, has studied under him and multiple times thought of killing him so he has plans. His suit protects him from everything but lightning but Sidious doesn't know he himself put that weakness in the suit.

Vader does. There is zero reason for him to survive or for this to last more than the next chapter.
4/30 c24 12856644
You know, I’m half-expecting/predicting a future duel to the death between Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader, like the one in "A Sith's Second Chance" By: VFSNAKE…
4/29 c24 Genesis09
A little disappointed you killed Luminara since I like her and Barris' characters, but I'll live. Since Sidious is no longer lording over Vader will he be able to customize and upgrade himself? Cause when you get down to it, while he has raw power, with the proper limbs he'd be able to be as agile as he was in his prime with the enhanced strength and durability of his cybernetics, not reaching the true potential he could have reached had he not lost his body, but certainly surpassing his clone wars self. Or could Plagueis possibly even restore his body?
4/27 c24 Forgot my login
My word! Every time I read this, it just gets better! Please update soon, and thank you for the story.
4/25 c23 Guest
Great writing of the fight, sometimes fights get confusing but this is great writing!
4/22 c24 Dunk333
Awesome. Every chapter is awesome.
4/16 c24 dgtrekie
Heard about this story from my brother. Loved reading it. I haven’t read many Star Wars fanfictions. But I truly enjoyed this one. Can’t wait to read more.
4/16 c24 docfrodo2
fantastic chapter and stpry
4/13 c24 Deathtrooper900
I’m not saying hurry up and finish this arc because it’s amazing and clearly the time is used well but man I really want my friend who doesn’t get legends palpatine to read this whole fight in one sitting. This is why the Jedi and sith are the ones at the top of the ladder! This is what we need in the films! Phenomenal job so far in capturing the betrayals in scheme wrapped in enigma and myth
4/13 c18 HeWhoShouldn'tBeNamed
Talk about a clap back.
4/12 c24 KESO
Darth Plagueis: "Still, is this really how it should end? After all, this has been a great deal of effort to let it end without participating in this battle."

女神の山嶺: I’m… speculating that Darth Vader would be serving an apprenticeship under Darth Plagueis, if only out of mutual benefits?
4/12 c24 Vornado0
There are no shortage of people complimenting this story but I think it is all deserved.
4/11 c24 2PerseusPeverell092
Holy shit! Found this gem two hours ago and I am literally biting my nails from the last five chapters!
I have been here since december only but this seems like one of the best I have read
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