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for Darth Vader: Hero of Naboo

1h c1 Inritus
This is fuckin brilliant lol, I'm curious if he'll upgrade his cybernetics now that he shouldn't have to worry about his master fuckin them up. Unless that's who also is there.
4h c20 frenzy307
Ohh no... the person Darth Vader hates the most is probably himself. I feel bad for the guy.
7h c20 4Black Magic99
ugh. you and your fing cliff hangers. they freaking piss me off. and its even worst now that I've caught up!

other than that, this is really really interesting and unlike every time travel fic I've read... almost every.

while i don't think ep 4 vader (i think that's what he is) would be this tired. it is interesting if the most powerful person ever (top 5 min) went back to the beginning

that said i do wonder what his plan is or even his real feelings on everyone. especially padme. i get the impression he is living his own what if story, padme was literally his everything so seeing them interact... its like a mentor father type role. he wants her to be THE best.

hell i think he cares about her more than his counterpart. he is someone elses problem but still offers good advice to help him. ashoka is too young to care about and his mom, even he doesnt want to open that bag of issues lol.

so what i dont understand is the long term goal here... vader is on neutral terms with the jedi and sith, he knows all about the great plan, the jedi are now aware of active sith so they should become loads stronger...

ugh, you know what just update so ill have less question to try and figure put
10h c20 Guest
Darth Plagueis The Wise and Darth vader The Powerful plagueis wanted a partner i thank that can be what the sequel is about there patnership
10h c20 12ilver8ox
I love Yaddle! She was such an interesting character, I'm glad you were able to bring her in even for a moment.
12h c18 4Black Magic99
while i think that whole speech was preachy and winded, that last line was great
10/19 c20 Super98
10/19 c20 Crys
Lot of theory and philosophy, there. Gonna take awhile to sort it out in my head.

Still, glad to see you're still writing. Looking forward to more.
10/19 c20 1wierdsquirrelgirl
I have this strange feeling he's talking about himself at the end. That opens up a whole can of worms.
10/18 c20 Guest
An amazing story, please continue!
10/16 c20 TheGuyWithTheFictionAddiction
Most fanfics on this website, depending on the quality of the original show, can either be as good or even greater than the source material, though most fanfics do not reach this level.
Star wars, for all the faults it can have, has remained one of the most well developed franchises, meaning that most fanfics, even if they have interesting premises or are really well thought out, fail match that same quality of writing.
You my good sir, are perhaps one of the only fanfic writers i have read whose story can match the quality of most Star wars content, even with a fanfic premise as old as 'character time travels'.
This feels extremely fleshed out and well realised. Though each chapter comes few and far between, they contain the work of someone who's not only had experience writing in general, but also someone who has studied and incorporated a lot of the source material, integrating it to such an extent that their story could almost come across as an alternate canon storyline, rather than just another fanon fic.
This is by far one of the biggest masterpieces I have ever witnessed. Though i know it may be some time before the next chapter, I will still wait to see it with the same gusto I have had for this particular chapter.

Keep Up the good work.
10/15 c11 ponytail
"Your Highness, I am a Sith. I have a plan for everything."

While that those aren't words I imagine coming out of his mouth...that was AWESOME! Loving this story so far!
10/14 c3 Mohammad 'the truth' S
Darth vader: Sith Lord, Jedi slayer, air conditioner extraordinaire
10/13 c11 21Kakerot Bardockson
I love Vader just being a Bada$$ in this, He is so going to screw the timeline.
10/13 c9 Kakerot Bardockson
I love this story. I had planned to do something similar where Luke and Vader went back using the vail of the force to stop the Empire from even happening, but mainly to save Padme and keep Anakin from going to the darkside. Seeing this however leads me to think I lack the knowledge to do it right. Still I would love to see what you think it would be like for Luke to go back and try to save his parents.
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