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for Darth Vader: Hero of Naboo

5/25 c4 7ChaosxPaladin
Just wanted to point one slight inconsistency although I'm not sure if it's intentional. At the end of this chapter you said Vader was holding his lightsaber, but in the next that it was on his belt untouched? Was he holding a different lightsaber?
5/25 c1 A fan
Really good character interactions.
5/21 c30 HailHydra145
So far, I've been enjoying this story, I hope it continues!
5/20 c31 ELinkA
Thank you!
5/19 c26 WellLifeJustAintFair
Karma’s a real bitch, isn’t it, Sidious?
5/16 c18 HailHydra145
This was a magnificent chapter. Vader did literally slapped them in the face with those arguements. Although, I doubt the Jedi Order will listen, they rarely do.
5/16 c2 WellLifeJustAintFair
Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
5/15 c18 HailHydra145
I don't know when did that happened, but I wish you get better. my condolences
5/14 c7 34David-El
Ah, the ending to this chapter will always be one of my favorites!
5/12 c25 6Etsize
A falling hovercar?!

At this, I thought "Road roller DA!"(DIO)
5/10 c6 AngelinaGlaving
Only Jedi deals in absolute

What a sense of humor you've got there Vader
5/10 c2 8prjones339

Yep, Anakin is still in there alright.
5/9 c19 Guest
The “senses and turns off when dropped” lightsaber thing Was canon at least in the Expanded Universe, but I don’t remember if any Disney “canon” stuff has addressed it. A lot of Jedi actually wouldn’t throw their sabers because it required disabling that safety or using the force to keep pressure on the sensors while also concentrating on the throw itself.
5/8 c20 1Panjason
I bet Vader hates himself… that’s gotta be who he’s referring to.
Wow, this fic is really fun!
5/8 c6 Guest
I can’t sign in on my phone for some reason so this has to be a guest review. I’ve never understood the “omg they’re starving our people” line. It’s either bad writing or foreshadowing the breathtaking stupidity of the Trade Federation. It’s only been a couple of days since the takeover and the whole movie covers less than a week of time. Aside from particularly bad cases of diabetes or dangerous pregnancies basically nobody would starve to death in that period of time. Even the blockade leading up to it wouldn’t add much to the issues since they grow their own food and so issues wouldn’t start up until the actual ground occupation which doesn’t start until the movie does.
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